Welcome to my pages. I am a photographer based in Norwich, UK. Taking photographs of my home city as well as posting photographs of my travels. Most of the photos and articles posted here though will be relating to the wonderfully diverse range of musical talent in Norwich, in what is probably some sort of modern day equivalent of a fanzine. There is much music here that I feel deserves a wider audience, and I am also constantly coming across great local acts that I was previously unaware of. The amount of quality music coming out of Norwich at the moment is staggering.

Events covered are descriptions of my own experience rather than attempts at critical reviews. Norwich Blog is entirely independent. All opinions, photographs with “shashamane” watermarks, and write-ups are by Richard Shashamane unless otherwise stated though occasional press-release, stock, or event photos may be included in posts.

Please do not use photographs without permission, which I am usually happy to grant with a photo credit but do please ask and link back, I have never yet refused a request but do appreciate the courtesy of being asked.

You can visit my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/shashamane


Many thanks for your interest.






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