The Scaners + Beast With a Gun @ Louis Marchesi Crypt 28 April 2022

A gig I had a ticket for well in advance and was looking forward to tremendously. Gluttonous Mutt putting on one of their basement punky, garage blues trash nights in the Louis Marchesi Crypt. I love these nights and this one did not disappoint. It’s a good feeling walking down some steps for an underground punk rock and roll night and a feeling I had missed, as well as some of the familiar faces I’d not seen in a while, or at least since the last Ravenous Hounds/Beast With a Gun gigs.

The Scaners
The Scaners

Support for the evening was from the wonderful Beast With a Gun, kicking things off in fine style and also with a first outing for their newly adjusted line-up. As charismatic, entertaining and brilliant as ever, I loved every moment of it.

Beast With a Gun

I knew very little of The Scaners, the French sci-fi punks from Lyon, I was here because I trust the promoters’ taste, which match my own quite closely. The Scaners had me hooked from the off. Loud guitars, and keys, the pace was frenetic. They look like The Clash but their sound often put me in mind more of The Ramones, Devo, Pere Ubu and even a little bit of B-52s as well. How could you not love a band with titles such as Levitation Train 2077, Mars Attacks, X-Ray Glasses. On! Space X-ploration, Alien Boy, Don’t Run, We’re Your Friends, Please Abduct Me, etc. You can see the theme.

I had so much fun at this gig and couldn’t resist buying an album, my only dilemma was choosing which record as I only had enough money for one. Lovely people too and just look at these signatures.

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