Dereham Blues Festival 2021 cancelled

The Dereham Blues Festival 2021 cancelled

Since the 2020 Dereham Blues Festival was regrettably cancelled last year, the Festival
Organising Committee run exclusively by volunteers, have been very busy with a view to organising the Festival for July this year (2021). The uncertainty last year was recognised but it was hoped the situation would be clearer as the year progressed. We now know, this is not the case. Indeed, if anything the position at the beginning of 2021, is less clear.

To put the festival on, many of the arrangements and decisions must be made early in the year – for example to sign up the venues, agree arrangements with sponsors, arrange the line-up of the bands, work with the Friends of The Dereham Memorial Hall to set-up the opening headline concert and organise the publicity.

The committee has continued to meet virtually each month to assess the situation which early in 2021 is currently still very uncertain. Without certainty, we regret cannot plan fully putting on a festival while maintaining safety of all those involved, especially audience members. So, with extreme regret, it has been decided, that the Dereham Blues Festival this year will not be taking place as normal in July.

This has been a very hard decision to make. Over the last eight years since the Festival
was first held, its reputation has grown in line with increasing scale and scope of the
festival itself. The committee is concerned this reputation is maintained and do not want to do anything to dilute the Festival’s brand. Given the current uncertainty, and that the Committee only want put on a top class Festival, we would rather wait until 2022.

Despite the lack of a Festival again this year, the finances which are run on a not for profit basis, remain sound. One reason for this is that kind festival fans have continued to support the festival financially by participating in the Breckland Lottery Fund where they have nominated the Dereham Blues Festival as their local organisation to be supported. The Committee are so grateful for this continued support. If any fans want to add to this initiative, they are welcome to do so by contacting the fund at https:// .
In September this year, bands will be contacted again to sign them up for 2022. We are
always on the look out for new talent. So if new artists and bands want to apply to play
next year, of course this is encouraged via “Wanna Play” page on the Dereham Blues
Festival website at from September onwards.

The committee have been keeping other involved organisations informed of the Festival’s activities. These include Dereham Town Council, the bands, advertisers, sponsors, the programme printer and the venues. The sponsors who are especially valued contributors to the Festival, have had their 2021 sponsorship funds reimbursed and we are discussing with them their continuing support in 2022.

The committee hopes the Festival’s fans understand this difficult decision and look forward to their continued support for this unique and special festival.

Onwards and upwards to 2022.

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