Bark Prelude – Light of Winter

Bark Prelude (aka Philip Lewis-Jones) has returned with a highly impressive new album – Light of Winter – which although dealing with melancholy thoughts, feelings and situations is, due to the playing, humour and melodies, not a depressing listen. It’s quite an immersive experience in fact with a feel of continuity to the tracks and stories. Excellently crafted and played songs with a strong supporting cast of musicians that include Fran Broady on violin and backing vocals, Ross Mitson on guitars and backing vocals, and Gary Cole-Wilking on double bass and backing vocals to complement Philip’s piano and expressive vocals.

Cover photo by Claire Hobden Phillips

There are recurring themes in the song stories, feelings of loss of friendships, relationships, identity of the past and the summer, it almost feels like it chronicles ten days in the life of someone going through great transition and not always coping with it. The protagonist is searching for answers, searching his own soul but also looking for answers everywhere between the ocean and the stars, trying to stay afloat when in the water or flying in the sky when the route is rough. Trying to make sense of a changing world, this feels even more apt in 2020.


The imagery from the lyrics is vivid and colourful, the descriptive drama brings to mind Sparks at times and it’s always done with an ear for a strong hook and melody to accompany the expressive and clear, descriptive lyrics. An album to be proud of. Added mention for the fine production from Philip himself, with mastering by David Riggs.


Recorded in Norwich Bark Prelude’s Light of Winter is available through MuchoRetro Records.


Things seem to change day by day but as things stand Bark Prelude will be playing for Bare Feet Records at the Bowling House on the afternoon of Sunday 13 December. Tickets are £6 advance only and available from

Food is available so alcohol will be allowed with a meal. And remember you can only sit/mix with your own household.We also offer FULL refunds for any Covid related reasons.

Bark Prelude – Light of Winter

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