‘This Fine City’ – Lisa Redford & friends

Since the lockdown restrictions began in March there has been a gaping hole in the fine city which live music used to fill. Walking the streets during the day and especially in the evening the sound of music could be heard on the street or spilling out from any number of our special venues and music-loving pubs and bars. It has returned to a degree, in a socially-distanced, restricted kind of way but things are just not the same yet and we all feel the loss and uncertainty, making it difficult at times to feel anything other than concern and pessimism that music will ever return in its previous form in Norwich. We have also lost the OPEN venue which has resulted in community station Future Radio losing its central base, office space and studios. With the future so uncertain we desperately need a bit of positivity and hope which Lisa Redford has come up with in magnificent style with the charity single This Fine City which is officially released Friday 16 October 2020. Immediately upon my first listening to this rousing celebration of Norwich and hope for the future I felt renewed optimism as well as being quite moved by the heartfelt love of the city so sincerely expressed in song. Joyous and triumphant in its hope.

Lisa said “I was delighted to be asked to compose the single as a tribute to my
home city, for the radio station I love. The song is a tribute to Norwich and how
weʼre getting through such a challenging time. Future Radio, which is facing
some tough times itself, is such an important part of the life of the city, I hope
people will enjoy this anthemic celebratory song and help the station to move
to a new home.

Referencing so many of the things and places we love about our city, from the Canaries to the Playhouse Bar, Blue Joanna and market it is probably the following lines that resonate with me most of all. Who hasn’t been in the city in recent months and felt melancholic at the memories the streets and Lanes hold and the fear that only memories remain? Lisa says ‘we’ll soon be making more‘ and ‘the Future will be bright‘.

“I know we’ve been low, living the unknown
I believe within these city walls
We’ll rise above – it all

All of these changes that we’ve been through
They won’t hold us back
Now hope is on our side
Every street is full of memories
We’ll soon be making more
The future will be bright

Infectious in the best of ways, uplifting and full of hope. In this song Lisa has found a musical vaccine to keep pessimism at bay. It is a wonderful ode to this Fine City too.

Lisa is a well-known and well-liked name in the local music scene, performing regularly and presenting on Future. She has penned this celebratory and uplifting ode to the city and is joined by a host of other familiar local names and Future Radio volunteers including Yve Mary B, Chad Mason, Callum Morgan, Ecky Limon, Teresa Gibbon, Scott Mathieson, Russell McNamara, Owen Sennitt, Andrew Todd, and Emily White. Produced by Andrew Todd with artwork by Gwenda Killick the single is available from Bandcamp for just £1 and with all funds raised going towards finding a new home for Future Radio.

The track will be premiered on Future Radio at 8:10am and Lisa will be chatting about the release with Sam Day.





Lisa Redford 

Singer/songwriter, Music Tutor, DJ at Future Radio, Arts and Music Columnist 

‘Edge of Love’ out now

“Anything But Easy” [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

“I Just Can’t Forget” Under the Apple Tree Session

“one of our finest singer/songwriters” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Classic heartbreak country and sparking pop..her ability to pen songs of genuine quality suggests that her moment is due very soon.” RnR Magazine ****

“a mighty fine singer/songwriter deserving of the widest possible recognition…In a sea of smart female singer/songwriters Lisa Redford is an admiral” Maverick magazine ****

Bob Harris Session and Interview

Future Radio is part of the charity Future Projects, also including Future Education,
a specialist independent school for children with special educational needs and
Future Support, a collection of support services which help those most in need.
More information about Future Projects available here – http://

A few months ago, the producer of our Vegan radio show, came to us with a crazy idea about creating a charity single to raise funds for Future Radio’s move to new studios & offices. We lost our home when our landlord went into liquidation during the Covid-19 lockdown.

OK we thought – we’ve never done that before, but it sounds exciting, so let’s carry on with it until something stops us! Nothing did & thanks to Lisa and other volunteers and local musicians, we launched a beautiful, uplifting and anthemic song about Norwich, our home city, which we’re really proud to present.

It’s amazing what the power of volunteering can do. Future Radio has almost 70 volunteers, of all ages and backgrounds. We’re a community radio station and now the only local radio station in Norwich other than the BBC.

We’re also part of the amazing charity, Future Projects, (futureprojects.org.uk) which also includes Future Education, a specialist independent school for children with special educational needs and Future Support, a collection of support services which helps those most in need.

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  2. Pingback: “This Fine City” Lisa Redford and Friends – Fundraising Single for Future Radio Out Now! | Lisa Redford

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