Alden, Patterson & Dashwood + The Shackleton Trio @ NAC 19 September 2019

Thursday saw me back again at the recently re-opened and refurbished Norwich Arts Centre for a joint headline gig by Alden, Patterson and Dashwood and The Shackleton Trio, playing a half hour or so set each followed by a finale set where they were all onstage together. To make the occasion even more noteworthy for me I was finally re-united with my DSLR after a pricey clean, service and new shutter!


This seated gig had a deservedly strong turnout for these premier leaguers of Norwich folk who are on a short run of dates together in the UK, fresh from playing the Slaughtered Lamb in London and with an EP release of some of their collaborations.


Alden, Patterson and Dashwood

Alden, Patterson and Dashwood

I’m still a bit wide-eyed at all the changes that have taken place at NAC over the summer and how much has been achieved, it’s brighter and cleaner – many saying the bar is a bit too bright and stark at the moment but I’m hoping that will soften when posters and prints are back on the wall again and the “new” smell subsides.  It’s all about the music though and in the proudly spruced up hall people were early to take their places ahead of the opening set from The Shackleton Trio.  Everyone is getting used to the Arts Centre changes as they return for the first time and initially I found the illuminations on the lighting rig itself a tad distracting but nothing could take away from the sound which was superb with the new PA and sound-desk and the fantastic team who work them.  The sound was clear and clean wherever one was stood or seated (I do miss the table though). Georgia regaled us with stories of a pet ostrich and towards the end of the set they played a storming version of their homage to legendary pub The Stanford which got a rapturous reception.

the shackleton trio

Alden, Patterson and Dashwood are an exceptional trio, I always love seeing them and am well aware of what a big deal they are outside of the region too but a hometown gig in the NAC felt pretty special. They seemed to enjoy it too and at the end of the set Georgia, Zip and Aaren came back onstage and they closed the night together in fine style.

ap&d plus shackleton trio

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