Sheringham 40s Weekend on the North Norfolk Railway, Poppy Line 2019

On Saturday I spent a few hours on the North Norfolk Railway’s Poppy Line for the annual 40s weekend.  Sheringham was absolutely packed in what was surely the busiest 40s weekend here I have so far experienced.

Sheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s Weekend

Catching a delightful steam train to Holt via Weybourne was as magical as always and did feel like time travel, though the journey back so busy it was standing room only … in the guard’s carriage.

Sheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s Weekend

The journey back from north Norfolk was accompanied by the BBC Radio Norfolk commentary of Norwich’s historic win over Manchester City ensuring I will not forget this weekend!

Sheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s WeekendSheringham 40s Weekend

As an Arts Centre supporter I received an invitation to the NAC’s “soft launch” following the first stage of its regeneration and so the previous evening was spent there to look at the tremendous amount of work that has taken place over the summer. I must admit to having felt bereft during its two month closure but the amount of work that has taken place in that time is breathtaking. Everywhere has had a lick of paint and the bar and foyer have been completely revamped and feel more spacious (even a pop-up can bar in the foyer) but the real gasp-moment was seeing the hall. The old church roof of the auditorium looks stunning, the stage has a new PA and lighting rig and with the PA suspended and the smaller monitors the stage seems about a third as big again but this might be an illusion. There is a new sound-desk too and the capacity has even increased slightly with some changes at the back of the hall. Even the floor looks fantastic!


We had a welcome back speech from Pasco, and Bradley ran through some of the details of the work that had taken place. On top of this we had three acts playing for free but having the privilege of putting the new and clean-sounding PA through its paces so it was a pleasure to see (the) Red Dear, Miles Otto, Gladboy and of course the Arts Centre with its doors open again. It felt good to be back and I must admit I am really looking forward to hearing the likes of Acid Mothers Temple and Our Quiet Friends even more now!  My second home is back.

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