Billy Lubach ‘Silvery Fish’ album launch gigs August 2019

With Norwich Arts Centre closed for regeneration I appear to be taking my own regeneration hiatus but still popping out for the occasional gig and one of those was at The Ten Bells for part one of Billy Lubach‘s album launch. Silvery Fish is a really impressive release with orchestral arrangements and everything is performed by Billy himself. For the launches however the songs were stripped right back to vocals and guitar and still worked a treat in front of appreciative crowds with both gigs rammed.

At the Ten Bells he was impressively supported by The Rabbitts and Taryn Everdeen.  The following week (Wednesday) was part two of the launch in the Bicycle Shop’s Handlebar and also had great support from Nova Soon and the fantastic Phoebe Troup.  Billy and Phoebe played a few songs together in each of their sets, as they also did at Warwick St Social recently.

The previous evening also saw the latest OST night featuring three acts who have all collaborated at various points in the past, Alexander Carson, True Adventures, and Milly Hirst.  To mark the 5th anniversary of Alex’s Wooden Arms Tide record they have released a track that was recorded at that time but did not make it onto the album. Pillar of Salt is available on the usual platforms and Wooden Arms will be back together for some dates in the autumn, including Norwich of course.

On Saturday Warwick St Social hosted another Shashamane Recommends session with great sets from Shane O’Linski and The Tom Conway Trio.  Shane played tributes to Andy Sacre, among others, whilst the trio did some interpretations of Kate Bush (Them Heavy People), Bowie (Ashes to Ashes) and some Armenian folk.


A few weeks earlier I made it to Last Pub Standing where to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings Richard Penguin and his Penguins Go Pop played and also released as a single their classic How An Astronaut Feels, with background visuals on the night once again from the excellent Richard Rix.

Nobodaddy at a recent Warwick St all-dayer.


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