Sink Ya Teeth + Sister Wanzala @ NAC 26 April 2019

The gigs seem to be coming thick and fast in Norwich these days and it was a bit of an effort to overcome tiredness and head out for the third consecutive night but once again, I was so glad I did. It’s quite an event when Sink Ya Teeth play a hometown gig at Norwich Arts Centre and there were so many musicians in the crowd, friendly faces everywhere.

Sink Ya Teeth

In February Gemma and Maria played a gig in London and also on the bill that evening were Bradford’s Sister Wanzala, whom they invited here to support their Norwich city gig.  They quickly impressed me and soon had the room filling up and showing their appreciation. The singer had quite some vocal range and the band had a funky post-punk, bass driven sound. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed them and I heard comparisons ranging from The Beloved to Edwyn Collins but the name that came into my head was that of a funkier O.Children, who I saw in the same venue about ten years earlier.

sister wanzala

I liked their dynamics between songs too, at first one wonders how they get away with ribbing each other like they do but when we learn they are siblings it all makes sense. They charmed us with their warmth and gentle humour, not to mention some cracking good songs.  Tonight they play in London at The Old Dispensary, with Sleaze who I remember enjoying at The Owl Sanctuary a while back.

sister wanzala

sister wanzalasister wanzala

Sink Ya Teeth‘s set can only be described as a triumph. A fairly full NAC with a vocally appreciative audience in the mood to dance that clearly adore them, on top of that there was also a superb laser night show from NAC’s own Nick.

Sink Ya TeethSink Ya TeethSink Ya TeethSink Ya TeethSink Ya Teeth

They sounded tight, confident and totally engaged with the audience, even giving a rendition of Happy Birthday at one point. It all passed so quickly and when it ended the crowd absolutely demanded an encore, which they got but Maria said “This will be the last one, we don’t have any others left!”  A lovely gig with another great audience. Familiar faces were everywhere and any time anyone nipped out of the hall, for a smoke  or to the bar there was invariably a happy catching up with a friend. It was one of those sorts of night with a strong sense of friendliness, musical community and a shared love of great music. Norwich at its best, and in the heart and soul of it all too, Norwich Arts Centre.

Sink Ya Teeth

“Sink Ya Teeth’s sound arrives fully formed—a melding of post-punks like ESG and The Raincoats with the early machine patters of Chicago house.” – Pitchfork

“…quirky and brilliant songs in a perfectly sparse, spartan sound with songs that captivate with their melodic thrill and catchy as fuck vocals and bass lines…” – Louder Than War

Weaving threads from post-punk, Chicago house, and 80s/90s dance music, Sink Ya Teeth make slick synth-pop that will make you want to dance.



Norwich: Music City, UK

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