Maya Law + Dlore + Galli @ NAC 25 April 2019

This was a tremendous gig at Norwich Arts Centre with a really cheap ticket price for three great acts : Maya Law, Dlore, and Galli, plus dj Lauren Lees in the bar.

54462549_2279294102134625_2090064943184347136_n (1)

Poster by Joel Benjamin

The place seemed to suddenly fill up rapidly shortly before Galli took to the stage.  Galli are one of the Norwich music scene’s absolute jewels and have quickly made themselves one of my favourite local bands, shining so bright. The recent inclusion of Cecily on harmonies is a master stroke and just takes them to another level. They get better and better each and every time. Georgia’s beautifully haunting vocals and guitar and sumptuous, complimentary playing from Ash and Alex on bass and drums. Check out the sublime single, Sabika. A friend enthused afterwards that it felt like being trapped in a dream. Bearing in mind the subject of Sabika this is a wonderful description.



Next up was Dlore, who I’ve seen quite a few times already but this was the first time I’d experienced the full band and I was really impressed, the addition of bass and drums fills out the sound obviously and it’s a real treat. Special mention to Mikey’s wooden cased drums as well, probably the most beautiful drum kit I have ever seen. A most enjoyable set and we were even treated to a guest appearance from Dan’s sister Maya.



With all these Playhouse people on the stage and in the audience I was wondering how the bar could have been staffed on this evening and another one was on next. Sonic Youths alumni, the incredible Maya Law.  This was an enthusiastic and warm audience and she responded to it in style. Be it playing with acoustic, electric or singing to a track she nailed it every time and the crowd lapped it up.  Maya’s so engaging between songs but during them she takes no prisoners and always gets her point across. Probably the most impressive I have seen her and that’s saying something.

maya lawmaya law

maya law

maya law

There were twenty gigs happening in the city on this evening and there was still a great attendance here, the atmosphere was superb too. All the bands were totally on it, the sound was great, so was the lighting and everyone came away buzzing.



Norwich: Music City, UK

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