Current Undercurrent @ Jurnet’s Bar 24 April 2019

This gig came to my attention at quite short notice but I’m glad I learned about it as it was a quite special low-key and intimate one for Shane’s Current Undercurrent at Jurnet’s Bar. No less than eight acts were featured though two of them performed just the one song.  Danny Whitehouse educating us about the legend of King John and his lost treasures in The Wash, he performed this at one of the tables as The Wash themselves were packing down the stage to round off the evening.

danny whitehouse

Danny Whitehouse

With acts including Billy Lubach, Bobby Sherwood, Jonathan Cocker, Sam, Joe45, Huia Fun Club, Danny Whitehouse, and a mesmeric The Wash it all felt quite special. The Wash played as a five-piece and in their half hour set there were just the two songs, and one of those was a shortened version. They are different each and every time I see them but I think this one may be my favourite one of all. There was a film soundtrack quality about it which at times brought to my mind early 80s Cure.  Most of the evening’s sets were from solo performers but it was all quite varied such as with the wonderful stories accompanied by harmonium and synth plus Billy Lubach’s quite unique style.

billy lubach

Billy Lubach

Jonathan Cocker played and sang in his usual soulful way of connecting and touching the heart of the listener, and he was joined by Shane on keys for a final number.  Sam is someone I’d never seen before but performing as The Wash set up (time was tight with such a full line-up!) nobody was in any way distracted as it was such an intense performance. While some songs seemed to be sung in English with an Irish feel, others were quite other wordly and delivered in a speaking in tongues kind of way. “Intense” is the only word that comes close to describing this set.

current undercurrent

bobby sherwood

Bobby Sherwood

jonathan cocker

Jonathan Cocker


sam 1


the wash

The Wash

the wash

The Wash

A few days earlier I got to see another Amy Winehouse tribute, this time it was Laura Jane Butler as My Winehouse for the Amy Winehouse Foundation fundraiser at Last Pub Standing.


my winehouse




Norwich: Music City, UK

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