Shashamane Recommends : Galli + Lisa Redford @ Warwick St Live 13 April 2019

A few months back I was kindly invited by Steve Burkett – aka Slightly Offensive Steve – to recommend a couple of acts for one of the Saturday afternoon acoustic music sessions which he curates at the Warwick St Social.  That afternoon was great fun and I was flattered to have Hot Raisin and Dark Diversions agree to play for me.  So it was another great honor to be asked to repeat it and I feel very privileged to have been able to co-host another couple of fantastic acts: Galli and Lisa Redford.


Lisa has been making waves with rave reviews for her forthcoming EP whilst Galli also have an EP on the horizon but current single Sabika is a stunning work. A brooding, haunting masterpiece about the fears and anxieties of sleep paralysis.

galli cover

There was a light flurry of snow just before I headed out but as we settled in the Warwick St Social the sun made an appearance and lit up this bright space through the vast windows. Lisa Redford started the music with a selection of songs from her impressive back catalogue, a cover or two and some previews from her outstanding EP The Edge of Love which is released on 10 May and launched at the Louis Marchesi the previous evening with some guest fellow musicians including Jose McGill and Noel Dashwood.  I can vouch for the quality of this EP having reviewed it here and also for Outline. Her songs are in the honest storytelling tradition of country and folk music.

Lisa Redford, Edge of Love EP

lisa redford

Galli are made up of some familiar figures from the local music circuit with the incredible Georgia King (The Piratones) on electric guitar and vocals, Ash Woolnough (Solko, HANK, Hubs, Drongo Records, Flatlands etc.) on bass, and Alex Elliot (Horo Quintet, Organisms, Lucille and the Seals) on drums. They were also joined for some stunning harmonies by newest member of the band, Cecily Eno.  There’s an impressive spectrum to their sound and just so much atmosphere from Georgia’s beautifully expressive and at times ethereal voice. Like a wave of emotion the music ebbs and swells, at times sparse and open but then with a surge of power. It covers fears and vulnerability but is ultimately uplifting as the listener’s soul connects and feels empathy. It is absolutely gorgeous and with a sense of honesty, openness and authenticity. There is so much feeling in these songs.


Warwick St Social was pretty packed and although a bit chatty at the back bar it’s a free house in the Golden Triangle and just showed what a good time people were having for this early gig and made for quite an atmosphere. The applause after each song was loud, prolonged, heartfelt and fully deserved. There were some diners in the back bar but most were here for the music and it was pleasing to note just how many musicians had come along. Steve has certainly built something quite unique here and it’s highly impressive how many people will turn out for one of his Saturday afternoon gigs as word gets out about what’s taking place here each week.  There are more plans afoot with an Easter celebration and an outdoor stage area under construction.



Galli play again at Norwich Arts Centre with Maya Law and DLore on 25 April, and also at Epic next month supporting the mighty Mammal Hands on 17 May with an EP on Drongo Records due the same month.


My Outline colleague David was also there and I cannot add anything more to his beautiful review of this session.  Thanks to him, Steve who compered, sound-engineered and held things together splendidly, plus of course Galli and Lisa Redford, it was a privilege to have them play on my Shashamane Recommends session. Thank you so much.



Norwich: Music City, UK

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