Ravenous Hounds + Beast with a Gun @ Rumsey Wells, KULK @ Concrete exhibition, St. Margaret’s Church of Art 5 April 2019

Still very much in the mood for some noise, punk and garage rock I was well-served by our city for all of that on Friday evening. Having really enjoyed seeing KULK again when they supported YAK at the Arts Centre for a brilliant gig a few days earlier I was pleased to spot that they had a performance slot at 7pm for the CONCRETE exhibition being held at St. Margaret’s Church of Art.  With their film being projected behind them it was as visual as it was musically powerful.  I’ll be seeing them for the third time in a fortnight tomorrow as they are a late addition to the billing at the Waterfront Studio for the Monday visit of Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs which, needless to say, is completely sold out.





It was a good evening for music in the Lanes with Gaffa Tape Sandy also playing the NAC but to continue the theme of punky, noisy garage rock I headed to the Rumsey Wells for a 9pm start where both Ravenous Hounds and Beast with a Gun (including a bass!) were launching new recordings and where things were about to get even louder. Beast with a Gun have an EP available for download on Bandcamp whilst Ravenous Hounds have a brand new album also available on limited edition CD. A number of people were gig-hopping between the NAC and the Rumsey but I was happy to just stay and enjoy two of my favourite spirited noise merchants here on the same bill.

beast with a gun

beast with a gun






They were both gloriously loud and extremely good fun, as always. It looks like the Rumsey may have possibly picked up the baton from the Owl Sanctuary for gigs like this and I was pleased to note an Owl t-shirt at the bar, more power to them, this was great! So loud even the soundcheck apparently scared a few people away from their spots near the stage area – I took that as a very good sign – and it was well attended by a crowd who loved what the heard.  More of this sort of thing please, thanks Rob, Gluttonous Mutt and Rumsey Wells!

ravenous hounds

ravenous hounds

ravenous houndsravenous hounds

ravenous hounds



RAVENOUS HOUNDS are kicking off their year proper with this headline gig where they’ll be celebrating the release of the self-recorded debut album that has been in the works since day 1 of the band. The sound of the live set continues to grow and evolve, with a high energy and dense sound, taking influences from all the sharper edges of underground rock’n’roll. Driving baritone bass grooves, sax&synth-drenched psychedlic overtones, otherwordly guitar overdrive, you get the picture.

Graveyard Soul: https://youtu.be/ZPVKxBpvO1g

BEAST WITH A GUN are also imminently releasing a new EP and are returing with a slightly tweaked line-up. Lo-fi, high energy, straight up dirty garage punk rock’n’roll will be served up at its best.

‘World’ live at Norwich Arts Centre: https://youtu.be/viRl6zxWLNE

Gig in the main bar – FREE ENTRY – kicks off 9pm!”

ravenous houndsravenous houndsravenous hounds













Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:


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