Lioness: The Amy Winehouse Experience @ The Waterfront, plus Yve Mary B and the Gypsy Candlesticks @ The Reindeer 22 March 2019

Over many years of gig-going I have seen very few tribute acts but the three I had seen before this gig were all excellent, one being The Ramonas, an original band in their own right as well as doing their superb Ramones set.  Many years ago I saw a Bob Marley tribute at the LCR, Buffalo SoulJah who were pretty good too but Think Floyd‘s recent gig at Epic made me re-evaluate my opinion on tribute acts and having given last year’s Amy Winehouse tribute at the Waterfront a miss I decided I’d give “Lioness: The Amy Winehouse Experience, the Legacy Tour” a go, especially as I am a big fan of Amy’s and it falling so close to my birthday. I’m extremely glad that I did.

lioness, the amy winehouse experience

I found myself getting quite excited ahead of the 8:15pm set start and although there was a healthy sized audience it didn’t feel as crowded as The Waterfront can sometimes feel so I was able to secure a good vantage point close to the front.  As the boys in the band introduced her to the stage to the strains of Amy Amy Amy, Emma Wright walked on as “Mrs. Amy Winehouse!” to large and welcoming cheers.

lioness, the amy winehouse experience

For over an hour and a half she and the band did a great job of faithfully interpreting Amy’s personal songs in a live setting, the stage having the standard lamps as a nice detail too. Her band are very good and she has an excellent voice but what I was not expecting was the stage presence to go along with that vocal ability, plus the Amy mannerisms and in-character banter with the crowd.  The real Amy played this stage a few times and there were some moments where it was easy to think she was here tonight too. I must admit I welled-up a couple of times, particularly on Wake Up Alone and Back to Black.

lioness, the amy winehouse experiencelioness, the amy winehouse experiencelioness, the amy winehouse experience

It was quite an emotional experience but an uplifting one with plenty of the upbeat ska numbers in the set with the likes of Monkey Man and Hey Little Rich Girl alongside classics like Rehab, You Know I’m No Good, Cupid, Fuck Me Pumps and Stronger Than Me. This was a gig that I thought was going to be good but it exceeded all my expectations and was tremendous fun. It was a predominently female audience and there were some classic Amy beehives to be seen here and there but there were some males in attendance too. In the gents I overheard some chaps saying “The Mrs. dragged me along to this but I’ve got to say, this is bloody great!”  I was probably the opposite and invited my significant other but she absolutely loved it too.

lioness, the amy winehouse experiencelioness, the amy winehouse experiencelioness, the amy winehouse experience

This was indeed “bloody great” and a real thrill to hear Amy’s songs performed live. I’d certainly do this again, in fact I really want to.


The Waterfront Presents
AKA Lioness
Plus Support from Lauren Hope

The Waterfront, Norwich
Friday 22nd March 2019
Doors 6.30pm
Curfew 10.00pm
Tickets – £15.00 Advance STBF

In her short career, the talent of Amy Winehouse created a lasting impression on the music world of the 21st century. Recording three critically acclaimed albums from her debut ‘Frank’ in 2003, the Grammy Award winning ‘Back to Black’ in 2007 and the posthumous ‘Lioness’ in 2011 along with the covers of ‘Cupid’ and ‘Valerie’ with Producer Mark Ronson, no one can deny the talent and impact of this often-misunderstood star.

Lioness provide an authentic tribute to the precocious talent featuring TV’s ‘Stars in Their Eyes’ finalist and ‘X Factor’ bootcamp contestant Emma Wright as Amy Winehouse, plus a full backing band to recreate the authentic sound of this heady mix of jazz, soul and pop. With a full stage show showcasing the talent of this songstress will take you on a journey through the emotional roller coaster of her song writing, guaranteed to have you singing and dancing along throughout the performance.

The band are made up of hand-picked experienced musicians, carefully selected to maintain the accuracy to the original performances of the UK’s brightest star that so tragically burned out in 2011. The crafted show focuses on the vocal talent and soul of Amy, unhindered by the dark side to her addictions to alcohol and substances. Lioness provide, without doubt, the most authentic recreation of Amy Winehouse, designed to entertain and deliver the experience of Amy at her very best.

Having recently completed their third UK and Irish headline tour wowing audience covering in excess of 5,000 miles with 24 shows in 3 months closely followed by shows in both Spain and Gibraltar the band are red hot. The response from venues, promoters and audience alike has exceeded all expectations. The Amy Winehouse Experience AKA Lioness have delivered at every level.

Samples of live performances can be viewed online at:

• 2018 Spring Tour Trailer –

• 2018 Spring Tour Montage –

• 2017 Spring Tour – Behind the Scenes –

• Valerie –

• Back to Black –

For further information visit

Audience Reaction

“When Amy died I was heartbroken one because a true musical artist had died to soon and two because I never got to see her sing live. I was so excited to hear of a tribute artist impersonating the iconic singing star but was sceptical and thought there couldn’t be another… So, so, so impressed thank-you ” – Nicky (Dublin)

“Wow! Emma Emma Emma…What an experience! You all brought your A-game, so cool and classy, great sound and vibe! I’ve no more words to express what you gave, I can only say I miss Amy a little bit less tonight…thank you Emma & guys! Xxx” – Lyndsey (Crewe)

“Amazing integration with the audience and it’s like Amy’s spirit jumps inside you when you’re on stage, you’re a very gifted artist. I was blown away and lost inside the rhythm the whole night. Thank you” – Michael (Blackpool)

“Great show tonight by @wearelioness at the @theeverymancork . Can’t get over how much her voice is like Amy Winehouse’s. If you like Amy’s music u need to go see these guys ” – Joyce (Cork)

“Amazing show at The Everyman last night! As a massive Amy fan, it was an absolute fantastic experience. LOVE the Lioness shirt I got too btw. Thanks again!” – Daniel (Cork)

“Exceeded expectations, brought Amy back to life. A must experience gig” – Charles (Manchester)

“You guys were fantastic!! What a great performance, Amy would be proud xx” – Dawn (Inverness)

“Such a great performance, amazing voices & coolest backing singers ever!” – Erin (Oxford)

“Last night was a truly majestic evening of beauty! Stood right at the railings at the front and felt like Amy was in your soul. Thank you for keeping the magic alive and will hope to see you back in Nottingham again soon” – Lee (Nottingham)

“I saw you tonight in Bristol. You’re the closest to Amy I’ve ever seen and I’d like to praise you all for putting the time and effort in to recreating the talent of one of the world’s best musicians. I really enjoyed the show. I’ll definitely see you again” – Connie (Bristol)

“Just wanted to say a massive thanku for the gig on sat at the O2 Glasgow, me and my friend had the best time. What a show, perfect voice. Hope you come back to Glasgow soon” – Alan (Glasgow)

“Introduced my 14 year old niece to Amy Winehouse last year and what an amazing way tonight for her to experience The Lioness… you capture the whole essence of her. Thank you!!” – Theresa (Birmingham)

“You must go and see them. They are brilliant. If you love Amy, you will love them” – Matthew (Brighton)

“Close as I’d ever get to my Amy. You’re amazing” – Inky Punky (Derby)

“What an awesome night! Your voice is truly beautiful” – Claire (Cheshire)

“She and the band are awesome! Saw them last month, go see!! ” Karen (Manchester)

“Amazing loved the show it was fantastic xx” – Margaret (Newcastle)

“Thanks for a fab show, great night out for me and my daughter. Thanks Lioness and your amazing band for being so great with Chloe, you all really made her night and mine of course xx” – Sarah (Gibraltar)

Venue & Promoter Responses “You were all so friendly and easy to work with, made my life very easy that night. The show was electric and had nothing but good feedback from customers. Hope to see you again soon.” – Alistair Horn (O2 Academy, Liverpool)

“You were all an absolute pleasure to work with that day. Even more so considering my day was incredibly hectic, I managed to catch the show and it was fantastic, everyone really enjoy themselves. I certainly heard a lot of customers complimenting the performance afterwards.” – Samantha Grace (O2 Academy, Islington)

“Thank you for a great weekend, the band and yourself were an absolute pleasure to deal with and the show is just incredible. I look forward to many more shows in the future.” – Phil Kealy (Tallaght Civic Theatre, Dublin)

“Lioness AKA The Amy Winehouse Experience isn’t just a regular tribute act. From the back to the front there is talented musician upon talented musician. On arrival the very petite (and very pretty) Emma does not look like Amy at all and may leave you wondering who you have booked but as soon as she belts out those first vocals during a sound check you know you’ll be fine! A short while later she reappears with Amy’s trademark swagger and snarl and you wouldn’t believe it’s the same person. The backing singers (and you can’t really call them this) are again vocally superb and the tracks they do during a costume change fit in perfectly with the crowd. Included in the set are all of the well known Amy tracks plus a few that maybe are not as well known – a great balance of ballads and get off the floor and dance it should keep everybody in the crowd happy.

The act are professional and easy to work with. They will provide social media activities to fit in with your event and provide any information / images required. We would definitely look to book again!” – Darren James (King George’s Hall, Blackburn)

With a 10pm Friday night curfew to make way for an Idles dj set there was still time for some more live music so I made my way to The Reindeer to catch an hour or so of Yve Mary B and the Gypsy Candlesticks.  This was the perfect way to end the night, Yve leading a band to excellent effect. We all know what a super voice she has but I love seeing her as the front person of a band and have missed that since the Morganway days.

yve mary b and the gypsy candlesticks

Yve was with a full band featuring drums, bass, guitars and pedal steel and played a mix of covers and originals, including one or two by her partner Tone Brook.  I loved the sound, a blend of folk, blues and classic era country, a real pleasure to experience this and I can’t wait for the next one.


The previous evening I also managed to catch the last set by local favourites Dove and Boweevil, playing as the duo of Lauren and Bo at The Rose Tavern.  This was most enjoyable too though weirdly I had put the wrong SD card into the compact camera I carried with me, a card which had a recent close encounter with a vacuum cleaner!  As I sat at the table trying to rescue it I realised that just one file was salvaged and was astonished to see it was a photo of Mark and Lauren, playing at The Walnut Tree Shades in 2013!

dove and boweevil

Huge thanks to Lioness, Lee, Yve, Jo, Mark and Lauren for the “Happy birthday” as I walked in, and to Taryn who made a birthday song for me, that touched my heart.


Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:

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