Shane’s Shenanigans: The Mahatmas + Our Quiet Friends + Soyuz Rats @ The Reindeer, March 2019

Feeling very in need of some noise and volume, Shane O’Linski‘s March edition of Shane’s Musical Shenanigans at The Reindeer looked to be just what the doctor ordered.  The billed Vicars of Stiffkey were unable to play this one but the excellent line-up still included Soyuz Rats, Our Quiet Friends, and The Mahatmas with visuals throughout the night from Richard Rix. It was a fun evening of psych, space rock, noise, sonic, trippy prog, cosmic bass and hypnotic rock. Shane’s nights here are superb.

the mahatmas

The trio that are Soyuz Rats kicked things off at about 8:30pm, gloriously loud though alas apparently a bit too loud for a pub venue and things had to be toned down a little bit but they adapted things and it still worked. By their standards this was almost acoustic and for one they said “This is a jazz version of something that should be loud enough to disembowel you!”

soyuz rats





Despite the name Our Quiet Friends have some volume themselves though it was at a quieter level than the Rats. This is another band I love and who are evolving rapidly and are becoming wonderfully space-y. They play again at the NAC supporting Bessie Turner on Saturday 23 March, with Maya Law also on the bill.

our quiet friends










With a recently released and launched new album, gigs by The Mahatmas are always something of an event and they played an immersive and psychedelic set here, especially so with Richard’s projected visuals at the back of the stage. Their album “Gratis” can be obtained from Bandcamp, and as the name suggests, can be downloaded for “Pay what you want”, with a few physical copies available at gigs for £5.  Big thanks to Cosmo for my CD copy.

the mahatmas


the mahatmas

the mahatmas

the mahatmasthe mahatmas

The Reindeer itself is really evolving as a live music venue too and is looking and sounding the part, with some great ales and food on offer. Big thanks to Lou, the Reindeer is a fantastic addition to the list of live venues in the city and has gone from strength to strength in the year since she took over it.

shane o'linski


Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:





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