The Music House Acoustic-ish Session: Diamond Dave & the Mallards + Hot Raisin + Alexander Carson @ Jurnet’s Bar 11 January 2019

andrew taylor


The Music House Acoustic-ish Sessions at Jurnet’s Bar are always special but this one was even more so as a packed house came along to enjoy the music but also to honor Andrew Taylor who was curating his last Acoustic-ish Session after 11 years.  One of those he invited to also curate back then was an at the time teenage Alex Carson, who has also become a legendary figure on the music scene in Norwich through his nights not only at Jurnets but also at the Bare Feet Records showcase nights at The Birdcage, The Plasterers, and Gonzo’s, plus of course his band Wooden Arms.  So it seemed fitting that he was the first one introduced by Andrew to start off the music here on Friday night.  It was a highly impressive performance from Alex at the piano but more was to come when he went over to the Jurnet’s piano and with fellow Wooden Arms Jeff and Jess had something of a band reunion with a beautiful rendition of False Start.


andrew taylor

alex carson

jurnets bar

Jurnet’s was absolutely rammed once again, there was even a small dog and a giant panda present and there was only just time to queue for and return with a drink before Hot Raisin‘s set.  The sound was superb as Mary, Tory and Luke were also joined by Jess on violin and the even rarer sight of Mary having a mic stand in front of her! Always a treat to see the Raisins and they went down a storm with many begging for one more tune but time was tight ahead of the final set of the evening.

andrew taylor

hot raisin


Diamond Dave and the Mallards feature a host of familiar faces and brilliant musicians and Andy Kirkham was in Eastern European mood and played a fun set to much appreciation. He’s a well known figure in the musical community and a highly regarded guitarist. He also plays in Classical and African styles.

As Andrew said at the beginning of the night: “Turn off your phones, don’t talk during the sets ‘cos that’s when the magic happens” and with these musical choices that is most certainly always the case here. Big thanks to the bands and all at Jurnet’s, and massive respect to Andrew Taylor.

diamond dave and the mallardsdiamond dave and the mallards


andrew taylor



Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:



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