Mark Sultan + Ravenous Hounds + DJ Tom Eagle @ Louis Marchesi Crypt 4 December 2018


This was a gig originally scheduled to be held at The Crunch but was cancelled due to a peculiar council decision. Luckily Gluttonous Mutt stepped in to save the gig which was moved to the city’s Crypt beneath the Louis Marchesi. The last one here with James and the Ultrasounds was an absolute belter so I knew we were in for good things.

tom eagle

Tom Eagle was dj-ing before, inbetween, and after the acts entertaining us with punk, soul, ska and “yob-rock” and the live music kicked off with the excellent four-piece of Ravenous Hounds.  I love this band and experiencing their garage punk rock in an undercroft is always an exciting experience. Very loud and visceral, up close in the small confines of this packed undercroft. Just brilliant.

ravenous houndsravenous houndsravenous hounds

Headline act was of course Mark Sultan whom I’d only previously seen in his King Khan incarnation but he’s obviously also well-known from his Spaceshits, BBQ, Les Sexareenos and solo projects.  Seated throughout and with lots of dialogue with the audience between songs this wasn’t exactly the typical gig experience but nor was it meant to be, it was a man doing what he loves to do and not giving a damn what anyone thinks about it, though the crowd did seem to be digging it and pretty familiar with a lot of the songs too.

mark sultan

Thanks to Gluttonous Mutt for another great night of garage rock and roll in the perfect space.


Gluttonous Mutt Presents


Mark Sultan/BBQ – all-time garage punk legend from such great bands as the King Khan & BBQ Show, Spaceshits, Les Sexareenos and of course many incredible solo albums, under the BBQ and Mark Sultan monikers. A massive coup for Norwich to have him in an intimate venue as part of his UK tour, you won’t get a chance like this again, believe us!

“If there’s a Patient Zero in garage rock’s recent shift from emulating the troglodytic stomp of teenage Stones wannabes in 1965 to embracing the Golden Oldies pop and doo-wop of the years just before Beatlemania, it’s probably Mark “BBQ” Sultan, who releases albums of catchy, clever garage-pop more frequently than most people buy shoes.”
– Chicago Reader

“Not Another Day” –

New album on Spotify –


Ravenous Hounds – High-energy psych-punk rock and roll, guaranteed to raise the roof and move the floor. Coming off a string of great support slots on their debut year in 2018, this will be a great one to top it off. 

Youtube playlist –


DJ Tom Eagle – a legend on the Norwich scene, playing the best rhythm & blues, reggae, soul, punk etc on vinyl.


This gig was previously to be hosted by our good friend Mr Jason at The Crunch – Recording Studio, but due to restrictions on events and threats from the council he was forced to cancel, hence us picking it up. We’re very grateful to him for booking the show in the first place. If you’re in a band and want some recordings that don’t just have a generic sterile sound, and sound incredile instead, he’s the best around, so hit him up. 

If you bought tickets for that show you should have an email asking if you want your tickets transeferred or refunded – check yr inbox!




Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:

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