Sonic Youths v5.12 @ NAC bar 17 November 2018

The latest showcase from the excellent Sonic Youths at Norwich Arts Centre brought together three acts I was seeing for the first time: Bug Teeth, Corlian, and Eluders. Indeed this was the debut gig from Corlian and only a second gig appearance from Bug Teeth.


Norwich Arts Centre bar is a great place to be on a Sonic Youths day and before the music started it was good to catch up with Annie Catwoman and hang out with fellow photographers Gordon and Taryn.

aniie catwoman

At about 1pm the place exploded into noisy life when Annie introduced Eluders, a guitar, vox and drums male/female duo in the style of KULK, and aged just 15 and 16.  Hailing from King’s Lynn they were the latest in a long line of impressive acts introduced to me by Sonic Youths. The were impressive with steady and strong drumming and a singer in Harrington jacket and DMs also very impressive on vocals and guitar, they seem to be regular visitors to Norwich and already have a load of gigs under their belts.




A short while back I came across the song Seratonin by the enigmatic Bug Teeth whilst looking for local songs to add to the Norwich: Music City, UK Spotify playlist. I was very impressed and when the song piqued my interest to investigate further I decided to look on social media and was pleased to see there was an upcoming Oxjam appearance last weekend, alas it clashed with another gig I was going to so it pleased me to see the name on this billing for Sonic Youths.  It transpires that the Oxjam gig must have been the debut live appearance and Bug Teeth turns out to be Poppy, from UEA.  Adorned with stickers and badges of bishy-barnabees, teeth, and stars, the set was dreamy and atmospheric with a bit of a late 80s, early 90s vibe about it to my ears, a bit of Cocteau Twins, a bit of Sundays and some shoegaze creating some very impressive and emotive music layered in atmosphere. I loved it. Amazing to think this was just the second gig, I will look out for future appearances, definitely. Creative, moody and beautiful.

bug teethbug teethbug teeth

bug teeth

The session was closed by a debut appearance by new band Corlian, four lads playing indie-rock with confidence and charisma.  I know next to nothing about them but I’m sure they are a name we will be seeing more of.



sonic youthsbug teethbug teethbug teethbug teethbug teethbug teeth

corliancorliancorliancorliansonic youths

sonic youths

Thanks to all the acts, Sonic Youths Annie and all at NAC.

@RShashamane (If you are thinking of switching energy supplier, use this link and we both get £50 credit).

Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:

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