Ideal Surreal 3-floor Takedown @ Karma Kafe 9 November 2018

As the title suggests, Ideal Surreal occupied three floors of Karma with live music running right though from 8pm until about midnight. It felt like a micro indoor festival with much dashing up and down stairs to catch as much as possible with such a strong line-up featuring, among others, Birds of Hell, Vanity Fairy (aka Daisy Victoria), Our Quiet Friends, Painted Heathers, Black Sharks, Niamh, Jonathan Cocker, Joe Quinn and the Family Plans (playing their final gig), Skinny Rodgers, and the excellent Bag of Cans.

vanity fairy

The place felt pretty full too, Birds of Hell held a rapt audience on the top floor, overlapping with extraordinary scenes in the basement while Bag of Cans played, (first song delivered with their singer having his head shaved by an audience member) they are becoming one of those must-see Norwich bands. It’s rare to see such sights for a local band with the whole crowd going nuts to them. They are a breath of fresh air.

bag of cans

It was my first opportunity to see Daisy Victoria’s new incarnation as Vanity Fairy. Theatrical and quite Kate Bush like, she made a big impression on those watching and used the sparse backlighting to great effect.

vanity fairy

Ideal Surreal held another event at the Playhouse Bar on the following Sunday but alas I fell to the dreaded lurg by that time.


“Ideal Surreal is pleased to present

Top Floor

Birds of Hell
Vanity Fairy
Skinny Rodgers

Middle Floor

Shane Special Sandwich filling, feat
Joe Quinn and the Family Plans
Jonathan Cocker


The Black Sharks
Bag of Cans
Painted Heathers
Our Quiet Friends 

Karma Kafe
Friday 9th November

Ideal Surreal is delighted to present another of our legendary ‘Three Floor Karma Takedowns’ on Friday 9th November. This is a purely local affair featuring a mixture of older n newest local talents including Alt fav Birds of Hell, Falling from Trees and Gladboy on the top floor. The Black Sharks, Bag of Cans and Our Quiet Friends in the basement. Plus a Shane Olinski special – line up tbc – in the middle room. 

Doors are from 19:30 – £6adv/£7door.”


@RShashamane (If you are thinking of switching energy supplier, use this link and we both get £50 credit).

Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:

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