Butcher Day @ KlangHaus 10 November 2018


To commemorate the 10th birthday of ‘The Butcher of Common Sense’ The Neutrinos held a special anniversary Butcher Day at Dove Street Studios, above Tesco no less, with plenty of noise, creativity (and destruction).


I could quickly feel the special vibe as soon as I arrived and it was a most creative environment, however the evening started with destruction and the sawing of instruments in homage to earlier performances.  To the soundrack of The Butcher of Common Sense guitars, cymbals and many other instruments were cut up in time in a MasSaw that was recorded and will presumably surface in some form in the future.

butcher day

This was followed by many individual covers from the album by the likes of Birds of Hell, Camille Davilla, Leo Thornley, Chris Dowding et al. and concluded with us all being led to the very top floor where the Neutrinos recorded us singing in a gospel style and then noisily and gloriously playing a few tracks, finishing up with two drummers, two bassists, and no less than six guitarists.  This felt an extremely special, creative and uniquely Norwich event. “Noise Please”?  Yes please!

butcher day


“Celebrate The Butcher of Common Sense 10th Birthday, the project that inspired KlangHaus. Dove Street Studios, 7pm-11.30pm. 

The evening will include… 7pm MasSsaw, we will record the sound of sawing up instruments in homage to earlier Butcher performances. 8.30pm Butcher of Common Sense covers by members of the extended Butcher team. 10.30pm The Neutrinos and Sal Pittman short Butcher performance. RSVP”

butcher daybutcher daybutcher daybutcher daybutcher day

Watch out for some KlangHaus news in the new year.









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Norwich: Music City, UK

Norwich: Music City, UK. A Norwich playlist of well over 30 hours of local music on Spotify:

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