The Phantom Cowboys + The Lantern Men + The Desert Sleds + Hank Jd Sleek @ The Rumsey Wells Underbelly 26 October 2018


The Phantom Cowboys celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album Club Cruella with a great Halloween party in the Underbelly of the Rumsey Wells on Friday, with guests The Lantern Men and The Desert Sleds, plus Hank Jd Sleek dj-ing.

the desert sleds

It’s been ages since I last saw Wymondham’s the Desert Sleds and I really enjoyed them, loud and fun how could anyone not? The singer dressed in a T-Rex onesie and beseiged by mic problems until Miguel came to the rescue and switched them back on my smile was as wide as theirs.  They rock out brilliantly too, stoner rock and big chords, they play with the right spirit and I loved them.


They were followed by the ever-modest Lantern Men from Wroxham, who I also love. They really are good and should be playing Norwich far more frequently than they do, they should be regulars at places like the Reindeer and the Walnut. Check them out when you get a chance, especially if you are into the likes of The Cramps. Here’s a snippet of them doing Goo-Goo Muck.

the lantern men

The Phantom Cowboys are also a fine band with a good attitude, they got people dancing and smiling too.  Club Cruella is a gem of an album and it deserved to be celebrated.  A slight shame the vocal mic wasn’t quite loud enough at times but nothing could stop the fun enjoyment of their set.  I don’t know if the Lantern Men meant to take the staircase back down that led to their sitting the other side of the glass “stage” door but it was very funny to see them watching and eating baguettes as the Phantom Men played!  The Cowboys’ set seemed to fly past in moments and when they ended there was a plea for “one more tune” and a request for some rockabilly and they duly obliged with something improvised which pleased the dancers no end.


the phantom cowboysthe phantom cowboys


hank jd sleekthe phantom cowboysthe phantom cowboysthe phantom cowboysthe phantom cowboysthe phantom cowboysthe phantom cowboys


There’s something special about experiencing a loud gig of this nature in a space like this. I had a great time!

october sunsets

More photos in a bit …


Norwich: Music City, UK

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