Shane’s Shenanigans @ The Reindeer. Yve Mary B + Stromm + Joe Quinn and the Family Plans + Niamh + Olinski Onsomble 18 October 2018

Shane O’Linski’s Musical Shenanigans at the Reindeer are brilliant!  Once again with Hank Jd Sleek’s Texan Two Step dance class happening in the back room and the live music in the main bar worked in wonderful harmony. With groups of people from both sessions mingling together at the end and enjoying the music.

olinski onsomble

To open the evening it was Niamh, who I’ve only seen once before but that was in a noisy environment so this was a good opportunity to properly appreciate her music. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an expressive voice she sang tender originals with some lovely lyrics.  Particularly memorable was a song about a man with dementia who yet still mourned and paid his respects to his passed wife each day after his main meal.  She closed her set with her only cover in the set, a stunning a cappella version of The Parting Glass which silenced the whole bar.  A song which I loved until Ed Sheeran butchered it and ruined it for me but Niamh’s version made it gorgeous once again.


In a strong line-up we even had the inclusion of Shane O’Linski doing a few epic and fantastic songs with Oskari (Days To) on bass, and Stacy (Magoo) on drums making up the Olinski Onsomble.  Shane often does songs with themes and he started with one about Williams and Wills which was a delight. Opening line: “William Teather!”  Shane was in great form and I love his lyrics. He was also getting an incredible sound from that acoustic guitar.

yve mary b

Yve Mary B is one of my favourite artists and a truly lovely person. Her set here was an absolute delight and featured some songs I haven’t heard her do before. Her voice beautiful and her playing intricate. The sound was spot-on and I enjoyed her immensely, stood next to Shane who was also in awe. When her set finished she had to quickly flee to The Rose Tavern to play another set with The Vagaband.

Joe Quinn and the Family Plans were next on and also played a very enjoyable set and were followed by Stromm, in full band mode featuring Chad Mason – taking a break from his sound duties – who with their cinematic sound closed the night in strong style and with Ross in very fine voice.


It was a fine night of excellent music throughout and most enjoyable, the only blip being someone kept pinching my and others’ beers towards the end but nothing could detract from the excellent Musical Shenanigans put together by Shane and hosted by Lou at the excellent Reindeer, in full-on Halloween mode. There were so many musicians in the audience too which tells you a lot about the interesting acts and quality on show.

shane's shenanigans

Olinski and “The Shoegazer”

yve mary b

joe quinn and the family plans


shane's shenanigans

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Norwich: Music City, UK

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2 Responses to Shane’s Shenanigans @ The Reindeer. Yve Mary B + Stromm + Joe Quinn and the Family Plans + Niamh + Olinski Onsomble 18 October 2018

  1. John Vigar says:

    Great write-up Richard. Made me feel I should have been there – which of course I should have been. Hopefully next time. x

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