Think Floyd @ Epic Studios 14 October 2018

Over many years of gig going I’ve not seen many tribute acts (The Ramonas being a notable exception) but based on my experience at Epic Studios this evening I may have to re-evaluate my opinion of this concept.  Epic had the chairs out and a nice level of lighting as we entered the studio ahead of Think Floyd’s two hour-long sets and it felt as warm and welcoming as I have ever known it. There were also a surprising number of familiar faces among the audience members.


About 7:30 the lights went down and Think Floyd took to the stage opening with an incredible Shine on You Crazy Diamond.  From the off I knew this was going to be seriously good. The sound quality was exceptional, as was the flawless playing from each of the musicians as they played selections from Floyd’s career including songs such as Breathe, Wish You Were Here, Dogs and many others.  I’d have probably liked a little bit more Syd Barrett era songs but that would be splitting hairs as this was all amazing stuff.  They play faithfully and it is quite simply flawless. Several times I found myself completely lost in the music having totally forgotten that this was not Pink Floyd we were listening to.  Visually the resemblance begins and ends with the understated black t-shirts, it’s all about the music, as it should be and it was just perfect. Musically the resemblance is spot-on.

think floyd

A special mention must be made for vocalist Rosie who made occasional appearances. I’ve seen various clips on YouTube of people trying to replicate the wordless vocals by Clare Torry on Great Gig in the Sky but few have come close.  Rosie however, totally nails it and deservedly got a round of applause before the song finished. If I could have changed anything about the gig (as well as having See Emily Play included!) it would have been for Rosie to be further up the front of the stage as she was a bit hidden.

think floyd

think floyd

For a seated gig it was a good atmosphere and the band too seemed to be enjoying it. The crowd clapped and sang along a few times with many even dancing in their seats. After around two hours of music they closed with Dark Side but were dragged back onstage by the crowd’s cheers and applause and pleased me no end with an encore of Arnold Lane and a truly stunning Comfortably Numb for which they received a standing ovation.

think floyd

This was probably not a gig I’d have gone to were it not for some recommendations, and mainly because this was Jo’s birthday gig. I expected to enjoy it but not quite as much as I actually did. I was quite blown away by it. It’s no surprise to learn that they have the stamp of approval from Nick Mason who described them as being ” … better than we are”!  It was a pleasure indeed to hear these classic songs performed live, as faithfully and expertly played as you could possibly wish for, by people who clearly love and respect the music as much as the audience do. They also capture that sound, Pink Floyd’s crystal clear and spacious sound that sounds warm and anologue seemingly however one listens to it.  I certainly knew I’d seen a show, the sound, the lighting, the playing and the songs were all excellent.  The word on most people’s lips seemed to be “Brilliant!” for me it was “flawless”.  I didn’t see Think Floyd on their previous visit to Norwich at Epic but I’d certainly see them again if they return.

think floyd

think floydthink floyd

I’d not been to a seated gig here before but having somewhere to sit and also an interval to stand or wander around made things very comfortable. It’s always good to have some chairs around somewhere so that gig nights don’t have to be all about standing for hours on end but likewise you don’t want to be sat for the whole night either so the interval was perfect for those of us with dodgy pins and aching bones!

think floydthink floydthink floyd

think floydthink floyd

think floyd

“This extraordinary band, dubbed the Definitive Pink Floyd Experience, are renowned for their stunning celebration of the music of one of the world’s greatest bands. 

Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason describes the band as “Brilliant! – They are really good.” In a recent interview on LBC the drummer commended Think Floyd and rather generously called them “better than we are”.

Think Floyd pride themselves in faithfully recreating Pink Floyd’s timeless music, backed by their dedicated team of sound and lighting engineers and an impressive laser light show, this exciting production will recreate all the atmosphere, visual magnitude and musical excellence of Pink Floyd live on stage.

It’s no wonder Think Floyd are widely regarded as the UK’s number one Pink Floyd tribute show.

The brand new show for 2018 will feature the whole range of classic Pink Floyd from the Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Wall, Animals and much more.”




Big thanks to Rick and Linda at Epic.



Norwich: Music City, UK



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