Odd Box Presents HANK + algae bloom + Galli + DJ Ego Healer @ NAC 13 October 2018



Odd Box always provides value for money and a mixed bag of styles, this second Odd Box of the week was at Norwich Arts Centre and had the exciting prospect of a debut Norwich gig for Galli. Georgia King has been playing some low-key solo gigs around the city for the past year or so and is always impressive. At the summer’s Flatlands festival she made her first appearance with an at the time as yet unnamed band featuring Ash on bass and Alex on drums.  Now christened Galli this was their most high profile gig yet and their first in the city.  They made an instant impression as the room quickly filled and the reaction was loudly appreciative.  Nobody else in the city is doing anything like Galli and they were an absolute treat. Georgia’s playing and vocals in this environment was astonishing, creating something quite beautiful and haunting. So full of atmosphere, soul and expression with the band perfectly complimentary. Hints of soul, jazz, and even Amy and Bjork but at the same time not sounding like anyone else, Georgia’s voice creates a dreamy, mesmerising and atmospheric soundscape and with the rest of the instruments it’s just magical. Very creative and unique music to get immersed in. They even had a brand new song from earlier in the week which Ash persuaded Georgia to have a go at, I’m so glad he did, it was one of the highlights of not just the set but the whole night. The reception they got was genuinely and unanimously rapturous. Galli are beautiful, exciting and full of promise.




In the bar George from Gladboy was playing a vinyl dj set in the guise of DJ Ego Healer, I was enjoying his krautrock selection but it was a quick turnaround on the main stage and within five minutes of Galli closing their set the buzzer rang to announce the imminent appearance of Algae Bloom, who’d still managed to adorn the mic stands with flora in that short time of stage rearrangements.  Ash promised that things were going to get a lot heavier and he wasn’t wrong. This trio with guitar, bass and a drum at the front of the stage were loud and musically interesting though the screamy vocal style isn’t altogether to my tastes and perhaps made the songs feel a little bit samey to my untrained ear, which musically they weren’t at all as there’s plenty of interesting stuff going on with the playing and samples. Good at what they do but simply not quite my thing and I love that Odd Box can bring together such different styles on the same night.

algae bloom

algae bloom


As we followed one all lower-case band and prepared for an all upper-case one I could feel the excitement building ahead of HANK’s 10:30pm slot and the atmosphere was cracking when they took to the stage. Strong and powerful it always feels to me that all the members of HANK are having an absolute blast playing the music they love and I can sense the tastes of each individual member and what they all bring to HANK.  They are developing quite a following and rapport with the crowd too. As always, it was a lot of fun with the ever-impressive HANK who clearly enjoy themselves … and Tom is a total dervish of hair, constantly rocking out. There sound seems to develop each time I see them and they were on fire here. I was distinctly picking out some Nirvana-esque moments too. Great stuff.




There was time afterwards for another Ghost Ship in the bar, catch-ups with friends, and some more music from DJ Ego Healer on the decks.  It felt quite fitting that he unwittingly played the first single I ever bought, Sparks’ This Town Ain’t Big Enough for the Both of Us.  This also put a smile on my face and banished once and for all every trace of that horrible Spitfires gig the previous weekend. This Odd Box gig was much more like it, this was a splendid night of music, and I really look forward to seeing Galli again!

dj ego healer


“HANK is a four-piece band based in Norwich, UK. After hankering to fill the void in his head for years, songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Ash Woolnough joined forces with his brother Jordan Woolnough on guitar, Tom McGeady on bass and Ben Mollett on Drums. A cathartic combination of grungy riffs, indie-rock & math-rock undertones, HANK plummet into the depths of personal chaos, love & anxiety. 

The debut single Spit It, released April 14th has quickly catapulted the band into Rock/Alt scene. The track is jam-packed with musical hooks; trickery and precision; and is full of grit and heart. Spit It has picked up support from BBC Introducing, Amazing Radio, Line Of Best Fit, Hype Machine, Artrocker, Unsigned Guide to name a few.

“Arctic Monkeys-esque riffs with a Mars Volta time signature twist whilst vocalist Ash goes from Jack Steadman delicacy to Ian McKaye’s lung-busting holler in a heartbeat.” – Line of Best Fit

“Math-rock chops combine with acerbic lyricism, for a diverting, soulful musical experience” – Camden Assembly

“HANK are good, VERY good!.” – BBC Introducing

Algae Bloom
Was 2 piece and now 3 piece (bass player addition)Screamo from Norwich. Twiddly guitars, stand-up blast beats and too many samples/flowers

Galli is a three piece outfit from Norwich, consisting of Georgia King (Piratones), Ash Woolnough (Solko, Hank) and Alex Elliot (Organisms, Horo quintet). Together, with intricate playing styles and ethereal vocals, they create a whirling concuction of sludgey soul.”



Ben, replicating the expression on his t-shirt!












Norwich: Music City, UK

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