Psychedelic Circus Equinox Party @ Jurnet’s Bar 10 October 2018

My latest visit to the Psychedelic Circus‘ occasional nights at Jurnet’s had a typically varied lineup featuring comedy and music from Gareth Jervis, poetry from Poppy Rose, and Shane O’Linski standing in superbly for Ruby Dagger who was ill.  Having chanced upon Shane a few hours earlier in the evening I think he was as surprised as I was to find himself on the bill as he was composing some songs when I saw and invited him to come along to the gig too. In typical Shane style he actually performed some of these fresh as a daisy new songs, he was in very fine form.

psychedelic circus


psychedelic circus

A full Jurnets enjoyed the spectacle that closed the night, Adventures in Subterranean Sub-Atomic Tibetan Bass, which featured two bass set ups at some points and although not sounding overly loud in volume those low bottom end frequencies were enough to move and topple a pint over … either that or Jurnet himself was once again making his presence felt!  Anyway, coupled with the hypnotic visuals and projections from Richard Rix it was a most enjoyable evening and I felt pleasantly spaced-out by the end of it!

psychedelic circus

psychedelic circus

Another psychedelic night of festivities, featuring (back by popular demand) Adventures in Subterranean Sub Atomic Tibetan Bass, the agitprop poetry of Poppy Rose, the brilliant acoustic comedy guitarist Gareth Jervis, and DJ sounds from Captain Marmite, crazy circus skills from Ed Mondao, and of course the princess of fakirs Ruby Dagger.

Plus flea pitch market (so if you have something to sell please bring).

psychedelic circus

psychedelic circus

Psychedelic Circus returns next month, and next Thursday (18th)  the Reindeer shall be hosting the next night of Shane’s Shenanigans with a bill that includes Niamh, Yve (Mary B), Joe Quinn and the Family Plans, and Stromm. Last month’s was an interesting mix of styles and performances, opened by Billy Lubach on guitar, and also featured sets from The Joey Herzfeld Electric Trio (with Chad Mason on bass), Our Quiet Friends, a fantastic new project that includes Ed of Cakes and Ale, and Leo of BK & Dad. The night was closed by Loose Leaf Drifters, with Chad playing his second set of the night as well as being on sound duties.

our quiet friends

billy lubach




psychedelic circus


Norwich: Music City, UK

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