EP release shows October 2018

There are a number of EP releases coming up locally, three in the same week following that one by Lily-Ann at Gringo’s last week for her Empty Street EP. We now have the amazing Gladboy who will be launching their Ego Pushin’ EP with a great looking gig at the Waterfront Studio on 29 October alongside Bag of Cans, Bull, and Strip Mall. It looks like being a lot of fun.  Gladboy have only been playing for probably less than a year and have very recently augmented their line-up to become a five-piece, and have quickly established themselves as one of my city favourites. They have the songs, the energy, the dynamic, self-belief and confidence, and even a little swagger but always on the right side of cocky. They describe themselves as “junkadelic” and there’s a melting pot of influences creating a glorious and varied Gladboy sound, there’s rock, indie, surf, 70s stuff and a lot of harmony and melody. They obviously click as a unit and have become much-loved. Studying at UEA with Essex roots they recently played a surprise headline slot for Shane’s Shenanigans at the Reindeer and in their introduction proudly declared : “Hello! We’re Gladboy. We’re a Norwich band!”  I loved that, it felt like a real statement and declaration. They love this city and are proud to live here having selected UEA with the consideration of the lively musical scene here. This band are growing and going places but have firmly stamped themselves to Music City, UK. They feel fresh yet familiar, exciting and fun, powerful yet able to be subtle, and with a strong energy. See them.


Majic Carpet Presents: Gladboy, Bull (York), Bag of Cans, and Strip Mall

To honour the forthcoming release of their EP, Egopushin’, The Majic Carpet and Gladboy have teamed up to present the band’s biggest ever headline show. More party than gig; expect bubbles, balloons, and a spooky carnival atmosphere that’ll make it a night to remember.

To further celebrate the release, Gladboy will be selling a one-night-only personalised CD release of the EP (20 copies available) so grab one of these before they’re auctioned off for millions in years to come.

Loud, energetic and assured: Norwich’s Gladboy have screeched into Norwich’s live music scene and in less than a year, establishing themselves as one of the city’s most formidable live acts. With roll on the floor guitar solos, soaring Beach Boys-esque harmonies and frequently changing instrumentation, the band’s short tenure has seen them share stages with Willie J Healy, Starcrawler, and New York anti-folk innovator, Jeffrey Lewis. 
Continually developing, the band’s aim was to self-release an EP that encapsulates their frenzied live performances. Diverse songwriting that switches from Pavement-inspired vocal drawls to Phil Spector influenced girl group pop, the eclectic EP is set for a late September release which will make the Waterfront show an eager chance for fans to hear the songs live.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gladboyband/
Bandcamp: https://trippyrecords.bandcamp.com/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2dyjTfMhQGtBKm69I7de4P


York’s finest export Bull will be making a return to Norwich showcasing their blend of 90’s alt and surf rock. Last time they played they tore apart the Rumsey Wells with their unquivering energy and charisma. This time it’s going to be even bigger and better. They have previously toured the US of A, Europe and all the British hot spots with an array of artists, from Pavement’s own Spiral Stairs to Amsterdam rockers Canshaker Pi. 

FFO: Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Pixies

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/bulltheband 


Fusing the bluesy pub rock clatter of late 70s Canvey Island with tongue-in-cheek lyricism playing with conspiracy theories and botched efforts at cooking Pad Thai (yes really), BBC Introducing endorsed 5-piece Bag of Cans will be next up. Fresh from the release of debut EP ‘Why won’t Anyone Take us Seriously?’, expect them to show why they’re reputation continues to grow as a tight and charismatic live act. 

FFO: Cabbage, The Libertines, Dr Feelgood

EP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=foMuOHL8594

strip mall

Having amassed 13 bandcamp albums, a support slot with Crywank and the unparalleled description as “a little bit Plath, a little bit sexy, a little bit Catholic” – all in the space of 2 years – bedroom pop artist, Strip Mall, will begin proceedings with her debut Waterfront appearance. 

FFO: teen suicide, salvia palth, Ellie Bleach 

Bandcamp: https://davidlynchsexualnightmares.bandcamp.com/


OCT 29th // WATERFRONT STUDIO // £6adv (£7otd) // 14+ // 7:30 doors


Two days later at Norwich Arts Centre fellow graduate of Annie Catwoman’s Sonic Youths, Lucy Grubb follows up her 18 Miles release and launches her new EP on Halloween night with support from two more Sonic Youths, APHRA and Red Dear.  Lucy was outstanding at this summer’s Red Rooster on the main stage and is also rapidly becoming one of our most promising talents.  APHRA and Red Dear are both excellent too. Tickets just £4 in advance.

lucy grubb

Finally, to end the week, the amazing Wolf Number launch their brand new EP at the same venue on Saturday 3 November. I reviewed their first EP The Bunker Sessions for Outline Magazine and gave it a perfect ten.  The new release will also be a gem I am sure. This gig features fine support from Wyldest, and Lucille and the Seals for Georgie’s Odd Box.


The Wolf Number EP release show:

The Wolf Number may set up like a traditional rock power trio, but their music reflects a shared love of bold, experimental artists from many genres. The swaggering, cosmic riffs of psychedelic rock mix with jazzy trip-hop grooves and ambient post-rock noise to create songs that lead the audience through different atmospheres and moods. 

They’re either the loudest ambient group in the world or the quietest stoner rock band. 

They didn’t set out to be an instrumental group. The plan was just to make music that was as fun to play as it was to listen to. But with no singer or main songwriter, the band found they enjoyed the freedom of trying out our musical ideas through improvisation. Songs evolve over time, then are honed and structured to take the listener on a journey.

Since emerging onto the scene in late 2016, The Wolf Number have steadily built a reputation for delivering epic live shows. In September 2017, they released their debut EP, Bunker Sessions, which was recorded live in a decommissioned nuclear bunker. 


Wyldest is the musical project of London-based singer-songwriter-producer Zoe Mead, flanked by multi-instrumentalist Mariin Kallikorm and drummer Jack Gooderham.

Drawing on a wide range of influences from Depeche Mode and Talking Heads to Blonde Redhead and Siouxsie and the Banshees, Wyldest have been honing their unique brand of dream-pop out of initial bedroom recordings into more polished shoegaze-tinged outings, since meeting Hand In Hive Records at Green Man Festival in the summer of 2014. 

Picking-up comparisons such as Daughter and Warpaint, the trio have always enjoyed a wide range of support from Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, through online coverage from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, NME, Indie Shuffle and DIY to The Independent, The Telegraph and SPIN.

Lucille & the Seals

Newly formed, moody dream rock band from Norwich. Bringing you a selection of live versions of tracks, created by Lucille.

£6 advanced £8 on the door (includes admin fee)

lucille and the seals

A little further ahead, on 13 November, Hydra Lerna launches her EP at the NAC too.


“Hydra Lerna is a singer/songwriter and harpist, but also an electronic pop music producer. A one-girl-show, Hydra writes, records and produces all her music herself. Her live shows are always intriguing, with the harp on the left of the stage manipulated through a loop and multi-FX pedal, and a Novation launchpad on the right; she operates both sides, all while singing and performing her often emotive and dark lyrics.
Now, launching her long-awaiting EP with a huge show in her hometown of Norwich, this could just be the start for Hydra Lerna. Not to mention, she’s promised cake.
“The catchy synth line and her bright, innocent vocals are deceiving” – GlamGlare music blog on the dark themes of HYDRA, Hydra Lerna.
“I’ve always got a lot of time for people that open up about troubles that they’ve had and how they try and work through them…and we’ve got a lot of time for good songs as well and that’s why we played that one.” – Jay Lawrence of BBC Introducing in Norfolk on Angel Vs. Psycho, Hydra Lerna
“Wonderful stuff” – Graeme Mac of BBC Introducing in Suffolk on Reckless, Hydra Lerna
“The song explores the emotions associated with trying to move on from a dark and dirty past, but it’s not a heavy listen – it’s an uplifting, cleansing tune.” – Gigslutz music blog on Clean Like You, Hydra Lerna.”

Legendary Norwich figure the one and only Alexander Carson has a new single released on 26 October called “Forgotten” but he’s far from forgotten here and will be back in Norwich for a gig at The Birdcage with Tom Adams and Freya Roy in another Odd Box gig on 16 November. The single is taken from an EP due out early next year called “Ellipsism”.


“Alexander Carson is a neoclassical, downtempo, composer and songwriter based in London UK.  Carson spent the better part of 7 years as the lead singer, and songwriter for genre-fluid quintet Wooden Arms.

“Forgotten” is the answer to a question nobody asked: What if Harry Nillson’s one chord masterpiece “Coconut” was written for gloom-core post-rock kids? The track layers a simple F# pentatonic scale upon itself until it finally bends and allows the chord to change culminating in a 1 take, semi-improvised, collaboration with long suffering Wooden Arms member Alex Mackenzie. Recorded in one hour in a 4th century church with a handful of microphones and even less forethought. “Forgotten” is taken from the forthcoming EP called “Ellipsism” – a word taken from the “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows” :

n. sadness that you’ll never be able to know how history will turn out, that you’ll dutifully pass on the joke of being alive without ever learning the punchline.

“Forgotten” will be released digitally on Oct 26th on Round Table Records.

“Ellipsism” will be released as 12” vinyl in 2019 on Round Table Records.

““Lovers” is a perfect blend of modern songwriting and classical musicianship.” – Line of Best Fit

“Sounding at times like an Irish prayer and others a bit Bowie-ish, but never dull or less challenging.” – Where the Music Meets

“The fragile vocals and piano playing are unmistakably Alex – a distinctive timbre and delicate working of the keys that always reminds slightly of Anthony and the Johnsons” – Outline Magazine”


Amy from Blisster has a fine EP of demo recordings from her solo project All My Youth, which can be found on Bandcamp. Look out for her occasional appearances in the city. She played in the Rumsey Wells last week when I had one of those typical Norwich gig clashes, which is a shame because Amy is really lovely and I’d like a catch up. Her songs are great too.

all my youth

(Photo by Joe Skipper)

“Emo-tinted folk songs about love, life & melancholy.

All original content written by Amy French. Currently based in Norfolk, UK. Releases available via Rad Times Promotions – https://www.facebook.com/radtimesuk/ Inspired by Andrew Jackson Jihad, Courtney Barnett, City & Colour, Deathcab for Cutie, Florence and the Machine & Kate Tempest.”

There have also been some recent singles with excellent accompanying videos. Ahead of his Tontena produced album Matt Watson has released Outside (They Don’t Know Who I Am).

RP Love has released a quite wonderful song and video for Domestic Blister which is an absolute must-watch. Local references aplenty in the lyrics but especially in the video. Check it out.

Plenty of familiar faces in this video for Miserable Man‘s great new single: Happy Feet.

“The song is infused with old Jamaican Ska and Swing Jazz flavours, yet respecting the classic Pop formula with emphasis on simple structure, upbeat tempo and catchy chorus.
The style of both song and video is inspired by the glorious days of the late 50’s and early 60’s, when dancing, dress code and hairstyle were key.

For the shooting of the video some amazing Swing dancers were involved and the location exudes nostalgia with hints of the school party from “Back To The Future”, a favourite movie from my childhood.”

Get your copy and start dancing! // DOWNLOAD /  goo.gl/DKji2N

Richard Sutton has a new release called Paper Plane, available at: http://www.store.richard-sutton.com/


Peach Club have a recent new single: Hell in Heels which is available to stream via Spotify etc.

peach club

The Red Dear – another from Sonic Youths – are about to release their new EP “An Imperfect Cadence”, the limited edition of which includes a piece of guitar that was played on the actual recording.

“During the process of writing these songs, our school music teacher gave us a partially broken classical guitar. We repaired it the best we could so that we could play it during the recording of these tracks. We decided that once the recordings were finished, rather than leave it to gather dust, we would carefully deconstruct it (a tough decision to make) and cut it into small parts, including one piece with each limited version of the EP. The title of our EP, “An Imperfect Cadence” is a musical term that means a continuation is needed, so even though this guitar is no longer played, it hasn’t come to a definite end: it continues its life in a different form as part of the artwork for our EP.”

I love this concept and my copy included a tuning peg! 🙂  Somewhat refreshingly, The Red Dear do not do Facebook but can be found at http://www.red-dear.com and @reddearband and you can see them supporting Lucy Grubb on her EP release show at NAC. Details above. As for Sonic Youths, the next showcase is this Saturday (20th) at the Arts Centre Bar, 1pm.

FolkEast, Red Dear

Vanity Fairy (formerly Daisy Victoria) has a brand new single out entitled: ‘He Can be Your Lady’ which has already been picked up and featured by NME on their New Bangers Spotify playlist. She’ll be playing for Ideal Surreal’s Karma Takedown at Karma on 7 November with another chance to see her at Jurnets on 14 December.

vanity fairy

Sam Coe and the Long Shadows have a new single, “Full Moon” is available through iTunes.

Grungey, Nirvana influenced Pin Ups have a great new single and video too. See them at Epic for a new local showcase night that will be filmed: “That Music Thing” on 6 December along with Prey Drive and We’ll Be Detectives.

Fever Machine launch their new single at Odd Box supporting the Velveteers at Bermuda Bob’s on Thursday 25 October, and KULK have a powerful new single. They have an upcoming date at Gringo’s on 28 November.



Jason from Norm’s, The Crunch, Old School Studios, Rope Store etc also has some new music under the name of Grandbaby, available through Bandcamp. And Jess Morgan has just released Familiar Shoulders, available to stream on Spotify and to purchase through Bandcamp. She plays at the Old Shoe Factory Social Club on Friday 26 October.


Planet Neil has a recent single – “Say Hi to the Robots” – and he’ll be playing at Shane O’Linski’s next No Guitars Night at Cactus Cafe Bar.























Norwich: Music City, UK

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