Women of Oxjam @ Oxfam + Hope in High Water @ The Birdcage 19 September 2018



There is yet another brilliant team running Oxjam this year and after their recent successful fundraiser gig at The Waterfront they put on this unique event in the refurbished Oxfam on Magdalen Street with Ginny Dix, Hot Raisin, Hannah Tobias, and Caravan Club all playing as part of a special Women of Oxjam event which raised over £800 on the night.

women of oxjam


It was very well attended, feeling hot and full but with a friendly, warm atmosphere. Oxfam itself stayed open as a shop too so people could mooch about and buy items between acts.  A little after 7pm the live music started with Caravan Club, another exciting new act who have come through Annie’s Sonic Youths.  Aged just 14 and 15 it’s amazing to think they were born in this century. I enjoyed them a lot, playing in a Peach Club Riot Grrrl style their whole set was impressive and they have two or three really stand-out songs.

caravan clubcaravan club


Hannah Tobias was next and despite feeling under the weather nobody would have guessed as she put in another excellent performance, commanding that stage with great presence and sounding superb.

women of oxjam

Hot Raisin were next, playing as the core duo of Mary and Tory they were in their typically lovely moods, sounding wonderful in this unusual venue space, as did everyone. The acoustics and sound worked well. As always the set was beautiful and featured favourites old and new with airings for Track and Field, Later, Whiskey Ginger, Read Your Mind, Conscious among many others, and closing with Captain. Thanks for the lovely mention too, Tory 🙂

hot raisin

women of oxjam

women of oxjam

I had to dash off to the Birdcage after their set as Hope in High Water had travelled up from Milton Keynes for a gig there but this meant I missed Ginny Dix, unfortunately, though I later heard it was particularly beautiful during her set with most of the audience choosing to sit on the floor and listen attentively. By all accounts it was quite magical.

hope in high water

It was raining as I rushed, hopping in rainwater, to Pottergate thinking I might have already missed Hope in High Water and maybe Lucy Grubb too but apparently Lucy was feeling under the weather and played earlier than planned. Her being first on meant Hope in High Water were just about to start when I arrived, which I was pleased about.  Regular visitors to Norwich it’s always a treat to see them, I love them as artists and as people so it was great to have a catch up with Carly and Josh.  Josh also makes amazing jewellery under the name Harsh Realm Jewellery, a selection of which was also in their merch basket, whilst Carly teaches yoga and meditation. They have both gone self-employed and deserve much success in all their ventures.  It was slightly unfortunate that this gig clashed with such a well-attended Oxjam night but pleasing that gigs are happening again in The Birdcage. With the recent closures of The Owl Sanctuary and The Vagabond we need these spaces more than ever.  There was an appreciative audience though and we all loved their set. Thanks for the mention too, guys 🙂

hope in high water


hope in high water




















Norwich: Music City, UK

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