Norfolk Disability Pride fundraiser @ NAC 12 August 2018

In another fine example of coming together the Norwich Arts Centre once again proved what an essential place it occupies in the heart of the city’s creative community.  Having been declined a bid for funding for reasons unknown, Disability Pride, the NAC and performers gave very kindly of their time and services to put on this fundraising gig to support the cause and make sure the planned September events happen anyway, raising over £300 on the night. That’s the spirit!


A ‘pay what you can afford’ gig starting at 4pm with acoustic sessions in the Adnams Mission Hall Bar with sets by the event organiser Elena Traina, Matt Watson, I Said Goodbye, and Aphra, there was also a local charities’ EXPO and a boardgames session in the bar.

elena's partymatt watson

I was only able to be there from just after 7pm (Thanks to Daryl for supplying jump leads for a drained battery!) and heard as I entererd the jazzy strains of a new band to me, Bop Kat, playing on the beautifully lit main stage.  They were very impressive and I heard a lot of positive comments about them.

Bop Kat

Bop Kat


At 8pm I was excited for the appearance of another of the city’s exciting bands on a steep upward trajectory, the wonderful Painted Heathers. Always a treat to see them and especially so in this venue. Tight and powerful with strong songs and hooks and that positive energy of playing which is so infectious, they are a well-balanced outfit indeed.  Near the end on a glorious Messed Up, Brandon jumped offstage with his guitar and had a little dance with his son. Lovely.  Hollywood is currently available on CD and download and further recordings are promised too.  Check them out if you haven’t seen them before and you get the chance, the next one is not until 20 October at the Waterfront Studio.

Painted Heathers


Painted Heathers

Painted Heathers

Painted Heathers


The night’s headliners Beast With A Gun came on at 9pm and although just a trio they are a mighty and charismatic beast indeed, with a lot of power.  I love this band.  Punky, garage blues on the main stage of the Arts Centre on a Sunday night? Wow!  Just a shame there were not more people there to enjoy it but such is the volume of gigs in Norwich these days, even on a Sunday, especially on a Sunday in some ways with the Funday theme meaning people can move to pub to pub catching a succession of great live acts, and this event was probably part of that with a succession of people passing in and out throughout the day. It was a success too with over £300 raised. Well done to all.  I was glad to be here and saw three class acts in a top venue for a great cause and know there were other great acts earlier in the day too.  Ending the night with a special guest appearance from Michael Jackson – in actual fact Mr. Jason on bass, from The Crunch, Norm’s, Old School Studios, Rope Store et al.) Beast With A Gun closed the gig with a bang of kick-ass garage rock. Brilliant!

Beast With A Gun

Beast With A Gun


Beast With A Gun

Beast With A Gun



Disability Pride celebrates the lives and achievements of diabled people in Norfolk.  Thanks to all who came along, all the acts, and everyone involved in making the event happen.  There will be another Disability Pride event at The Forum on Sunday 16th September 2018 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Further details below:


Disability Pride

Norfolk Disability Pride LogoDisability Pride is an exciting event coming to Norfolk on Sunday 16th September 2018 at The Forum Norwich 10:00am – 4:00pm. Everyone is welcome. The event will be a celebration of disabled people and the diversity of our community. It follows a smaller successful Disability Pride event in 2010 and it has expanded to include more activities.

It will showcase local artists, performers and speakers highlighting skills and abilities of disabled people and challenging negative stereotypes. There will be a marketplace bringing together individuals, groups and businesses to engage with disabled people, opening up conversations and opportunities to develop inclusive services and activities. You can find out about the days events here:

The event is free to attend and The Forum has good transport links, is accessible and has blue badge parking. There will be an accessible Mobiloo toilet available which offers a hoist and bench and there are Changing Places available at Intu Chapelfield and Vauxhall Community Hub.

Disability Pride is being run in partnership with Equal Lives, The Forum, Norwich City Council, Norfolk County Council and University of East Anglia with many other businesses offering support and involvement.

Ben Reed CEO of Equal Lives said “There is currently no event like this, it has been designed as a celebration, for people to come together and take part in the day’s activities to support an inclusive community. With as many as 100,000 disabled people living in East Anglia, we are hoping this event is the start of something big and it will continue to grow for years to come.”

There will also be additional events running a week either side of the main event in support of Disability Pride and you can find out about these here:



Norwich: Music City, UK

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