Penguins Go Pop album launch @ Last Pub Standing 10 August 2018

Some 32 years in the making, Penguins Go Pop have a brand new album out on CD, and 20th Century Pop was launched and celebrated in fine style at Last Pub Standing on Friday, with great animations and projections from Richard Rix, an impressive turnout, and all Penguins in good form.

penguins go pop


Led by local legend Richard Penguin, these catchy songs with unusual themes are inhabited by some unexpected characters (John Noakes, Raymond Baxter, dancing astronauts et al.) and always charm and entertain the audience but this gig felt particularly special. Fresh from an appearance at Harlequin Fayre they packed out the pub, which was full of plenty of familiar faces. Alas, I didn’t make Harlequin this year but did see the Penguins at another fun, recent gig, where they filled The Cottage, on Lord Mayor’s fireworks night too, which is no mean feat with so much going on in the city.


penguins go pop


Yes, Richard danced like an astronaut among the audience and we loved the introductions to the songs, including the background story to my personal favourite, All the Little Houses.

penguins go pop


A really fun and enjoyable evening with Penguins Go Pop, a band that could only come out of Norwich, and now that album is finally out. I’m happy to have a copy.  Well done Penguins and all involved, in a depressing world they are providing some glorious and fun escapism.



penguins go pop

penguins go pop


Penguins Go Pop, four years ago at the Fat Cat Brewery Tap, How an Astronaut Feels, featuring Richard’s famous dance.



Norwich: Music City, UK

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2 Responses to Penguins Go Pop album launch @ Last Pub Standing 10 August 2018

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  2. Mark Wyatt says:

    Thank you Richard! You’re a Norwich legend yourself in the music and photographic world.

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