Flint Moore + The Visitors + Hot Raisin @ The Owl Sanctuary 17 February 2018

Flint Moore are a band I first encountered last year in a round of Battle of the Bands that also featured Hot Raisin in Flint Moore’s home town of Downham Market and again when both bands were in the final in King’s Lynn.  They certainly put on a show, had a strong local following and had a superb attitude that I admired greatly alongside the mutual respect between the bands.  This was my first time seeing them away from their West Norfolk home turf and it was a nice touch that they invited Norwich’s Hot Raisin to support them on their city date to launch their new EP ‘Reign’, as well as another Norwich band I had not actually seen before: The Visitors.




Hot Raisin were on first and played six or so songs as full electric band, as always in good spirits with natural, good-natured banter and humour to compliment their wonderful and varied songs. They are sounding so tight and comfortable these days, playing and performing with a relaxed ease and joy which transmits that same feeling to the audience. As anyone who was at the wonderful recent “The Room” will testify.


hot raisin

hot raisinhot raisinhot raisinhot raisinhot raisinhot raisinhot raisinhot raisin


The Visitors look very young, initially perhaps a tad nervous they have a pop-punk sound that reminded me at times of The Primitives, which is no bad thing in my book.  It was infectious fun and had me smiling throughout. Singer Lily-Ann does all the talking between songs and by about the third number she put on an acoustic guitar for a slower number. This gave me the chance to hear the lyrics better and the whole band seemed to visibly settle and grow in confidence from this point. Lily-Ann’s voice was much clearer and stronger and she seemed to really enjoy herself.  The boys did too by the end of the set but just as an observation, and in contrast to Hot Raisin, I couldn’t help noticing the lack of animation or interaction from the rest of the band for a while … up until that final song anyway when they all did let rip and show how much they were enjoying it. That might just be their shtick, which is perfectly cool of course but it was a lot for fun when they all bounced around at the final song.  I note from their Facebook bio however that they are usually a five-piece but I don’t know the story with their other guitarist. What I do know is that they charmed me and grew on me more and more as the set went on. Not sure how I have not crossed paths with them before but I shall look out for them in the future, a lot of fun and I think I could become quite taken by this band, would love to hear their full five-piece sound.


the visitorsthe visitorsthe visitors

the visitors

the visitors

the visitors

the visitors


Between The Visitors Flint Moore sets we had a minor interruption as the fire alarm sounded, rumours circulating that this was caused by Hot Raisin boiling a Pot Noodle in the Owl’s green room are unfounded and wide of the mark.



The top room at the Owl was quite full for Flint Moore and of course that makes it a bit hot in there.  Lead singer Francis is very much the frontman and voice of the band, doing all the talking between songs but with the confidence, personaility and charisma for it. A powerful voice and performer, while on bass Maddy is quietly charismatic too and the perfect visual foil.  They play big songs with big sound and have no lack of self-belief, which is refreshing and I can easily imagine them playing on large stages.


flint moore


I have a lot of respect too for this band’s offstage attitude, Francis and Maddy were both prominent audience figures dancing to the other acts and generally being supportive, I like that a lot.  A night of strong local, original music, and positive vibes. Cheers to Ryan on sound.


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Norwich: Music City, UK

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