The Wolf Number for OddBox @ NAC 19 January 2018

After not getting to bed until 5am from that epic journey home seeing Starcrawler in London the previous night it took a massive effort to head out again on this cold, damp evening as I am still emerging from a mid-winter hibernation but I was well-rewarded for doing so.  A full and varied, almost continuous run of music from OddBox in the NAC auditorium and the Adnams Mission Hall Bar culminating in a glorious headline slot from The Wolf Number.


odd box

The Joel Benjamin designed event flyer-poster.


Things kicked off with a set by Corinthians from London and if the lead singer looked familiar that’s because he is known to many of us, being Mac who also drums with Wooden Arms.  Although not the most animated of stage acts the songs were pleasing and well delivered and I’d happily listen to some more of their music at home but there could be a tad more onstage dynamism and presence.  The stage itself felt somehow different having been re-assembled after the recent HARK gig, like coming home to find a chair has been slightly moved!  I think it was actually that the PA stacks had moved a few inches but whatever it was worked and sounded well.




The one aspect of the nice idea of continuous rolling music is that invariably it will get a bit “chatty” in the bar as people file out of the hall to refresh and exchange views but David aka The howtocuredyslexia Band was unfazed and delivered a highly engaging set of his clever songs. Fans of Mr. David Viner should check him out, and vice-versa.


the howtocuredyslexia band


Almost as soon as he finished it was time to head back into the hall for the long-awaited live return of The Lost Levels who provided one of the highlights of the evening. Their well-crafted and melodic set absolutely flew by but hope they’ll play again soon, it was a delight. More please.


lost levelsthe lost levelsthe lost levels


The intriguingly named Volko Trio were unable to play on the night so there was time for some catch-up in the bar and as the NAC seemed just about full it was interesting to note just how many local musicians were in attendance and plenty of familiar faces.


wolf number


the wolf numberthe wolf numberthe wolf numberthe wolf number


Largely through word of mouth (always the best of recommendations) The Wolf Number have quickly become one of the must-see Norwich bands. Alas, since seeing them under a starry sky in late August on a magical night their subsequent appearances have been plagued for me by the typical Norwich gig-clash – a healthy problem but frustrating nevertheless – and last time the clash was with Starcrawler at The Crypt, Urban Voodoo Machine at OPEN and a whole host of other clashes.  This gig though felt truly triumphant and magnificent, headlining to a large and appreciative crowd (possibly a sellout, certainly close to it), sounding fantastic and playing in front of gorgeous projected images.  Deserved headliners and the undoubted highlight of the night.  A very fine band and great people, this trio create dreamy instrumental soundscapes. Check out their recent EP – The Bunker Sessions – which is available as CD and download, you can also read my review of it for Outline Magazine here.


The Wolf Number - Bunker Sessions EP Artwork


Post-gig catch-ups and Rainbow Girls shirt synchroncity 🙂


hot raisinscott, mary, me


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2018


Norwich: Music City, UK 

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