Daddy Long Legs + Tuppenny Bunters @ Bedfords Crypt 22 November 2017


So good have been all the Punk Rock Blues gigs that I’ve attended – plus of course the Red Rooster Festival – that I consider it a guarantee of “my kind of music”, an endorcement of quality.  Earlier this month I saw one of the greatest gigs it has been my pleasure to experience when Starcrawler played in The Crypt.  In the same venue and on their first visit to Norwich we had Brooklyn’s Daddy Long Legs, who were one of my highlights of the 2016 Red Rooster.

daddy longlegs

Arriving somewhat early it was interesting to note during chats that there were a few who’d travelled from afar for this gig, Daddy Long Legs put on a heck of a show and there are not too many UK dates so we were lucky to have this.  Opening was Southend’s Tuppenny Bunters who fitted the mood of the evening well. A duo consisting of partners Dave Dulake and Fi Nancy Dulake who brilliantly describe themselves as “anarchic music hall”!  Switching roles between drums and a battered, wonderfully dirty sounding organ they also shared vocal duties and were a lot of fun.

tuppenny bunters


The Daddy Long Legs trio made their way down the stairs into the Crypt and onto the stage area to the strains of Ennio Morricone and proceeded to rock this ancient undercroft with their brand of filthy, glorious punky, energetic blues.  A melting pot of Dr. Feelgood, The MC5, Howling Wolf, The Gun Club, John Lee Hooker and more, they have punk spirit and play the blues, imagine an even wilder, faster, even more harp-driven 4D Jones having a total blowout.  The tall Daddy Long Legs himself blows harp and sings into a handheld vintage mic and the rest of this cool trio feature Murat Akturk on guitar, who looks likes he’s just stepped out of the sixties and Josh Styles giving the drums a really punchy sound using a drumstick and maraca!

daddy longlegs


They had the place going wild once again, the crowd pleaded for more and more, and got a good couple of encores too though we all had to kneel and testify in this ancient space. Brilliant!  They sure can play the blues with buckets of soul and plenty of raw, punk energy. Yet again it was a vital, brilliant combination of fantastic band, perfect venue and great crowd. I think everyone had a blast, the band most certainly did. This was another triumph of band/venue/audience/promoter/sound engineer totally nailing it. You know those people who tell us about the amazing gigs they caught in the sixties?  Well I feel these events are happening again, our time is now and amazing things are occuring. Be a part of it, we’re so lucky to have stuff like this happening here, the best music from around the world in our fantastic little city. Don’t let is pass you by. Music is really exciting again and we have some of the best of it delivered to our very doorstep. Daddy Longlegs and Starcrawler within weeks of each other in the same venue? Both played only a handful of UK dates but our city was visited by both of them for sellout dates. Very exciting times to be a music fan in Norwich.  Punk Rock Blues are bringing JD McPherson to the Arts Centre at the beginning of next year. It sold out almost immediately but tickets are still available for Bob Log III. But for now we are still on this incredible run of stunning gigs, which possibly started with that other underground gem from fellow New Yorkers Twin Guns.



You can read more on my full Outline review.


Punk Rock Blues is delighted to host the first ever show by Daddy Long Legs in Norwich! 

New York City’s most beloved blues bashers have been huffing and puffing and blowing houses down on a nightly basis on their infinite world tour and always bring an elevated level of rough and ready intensity to contemporary lo-fi blues with their explosive fire ceremony!

A Daddy Long Legs show is equal parts roots rock, blues and guttural soul, stripping down old standards and making them shiny and new again. Some of the originals are like an all-out spiritual revival, while others are hauntingly beautiful.



Many thanks to Daddy Long Legs, Tuppenny Bunters, Punk Rock Blues, Bedfords, and Outline Magazine.


daddy longlegs 3


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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