Hot Raisin + Playhouse + Simon Tall for Carwash @ The Flamingo 15 November 2017


In the last of this series of Carwash Music nights at The Flamingo the lineup put together by Mr. Jason featured a band he himself named: Hot Raisin, plus Playhouse, and Simon Tall.

simon tall

I’d not seen Simon play before, I enjoyed his set of acoustic Americana folk, storytelling songs.  He has some recordings available online from which I shall be checking out.

simon tall

I first saw Playhouse at the beginning of the year at one of Shane’s OosWolf nights at Cactus and subsequently saw them a number of times in pleasant succession but not since the spring.  The development and growth of the band in that time is incredible, it’s no surprise that they have been recognised by BBC Radio Norfolk with a couple of Record of the Week tracks.  The addition of a drummer augmenting the sound I was more familiar with from previous sets by Bridget and Joe. They seem to be on a creative roll with the large number of new songs they played here.  Vocals were shared by both Bridget at piano, and Joe on acoustic guitar.  I loved Playhouse from the first time I saw them in January but this really impressed me very much. They are growing, maturing and developing in delicious ways.




Hot Raisin I often refer to as my anti-depressant. The perfect prescription, they always make me feel good, be they playing as a duo, a trio, or as tonight the full five piece band.  They have a an incredible dynamic as a group with terrific songs and arrangements. Their energy as people and as musicians is positive, contageous, and a beautiful thing.  There’s a nice vibe about their gigs and a collective spirit which is quite special.

hot raisin

Due to travels and work commitments they hadn’t played live for a couple of months so I was eager for this fix and they didn’t disappoint.  Sounding especially punchy in the hands of Jason on sound, the deeper tones were warm and beefy and it felt good to hear these songs live again.  They are back again next week – as a trio – playing The Guildhall for Grapevine alongside the excellent Danni Nicholls making a welcome return to the city.  They played once before together in a memorable night at Bedford’s Crypt a year or two ago to much mutual appreciation. It should be another good one.


Hot Raisin will also be appearing at OPEN on 14 December supporting Wooden Arms, who return to their home city in support of their new album.


hot raisin

Wed 15th Nov – HOT RAISIN + Special Guests + Playhouse @ The Flamingo – £5

I love Hot Raisin. And not just because it was me that named the band! They play laid-back Americana, sort of, but it also has tons of energy, and power when needed. Quiet/louder arrangements, but not in a Nirvana/Pixies way. The songs are catchy, and can come across as quite simple, which is one of the clever things about them, as they have lots of intricacies that you only notice after a few listens. 

In Mary Podd they have “the female Johnny Marr”, or “the female Mary Podd” I should say (that sounds wierd though..), as her playing isn’t indebted to anyone. And in Tory Cobb they have one of the best singers there is. Also, they’re the nicest people in the world, and I love them very much. Oh, I already mentioned that..

Plus the delicate folk of Playhouse, and the calming Americana of Simon Tall; both of whom have fantastic recordings for you to listen to:
Simon Tall:

TICKETS – £5 from

hot raisin

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Norwich: Music City, UK

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