Sheila Rock punk photography exhibition @ Norfolk Gallery. Doug MacLeod @ Fine City Blues. Bad Apples + HyperFox @ The Owl Sanctuary 9 November 2017

A fortuitous encounter with Norwich and Lanes legend Jonty at the Sleaford Mods UEA LCR gig the previous evening led not only to some more chat about that Starcrawler gig (yes, I know I’m going on about it but it’s starting to feel like my Sex Pistols moment!) but also the launch of the Sheila Rock Punk Photography exhibition which was to launch at the Norfolk Gallery on St. Giles on Thursday.  Arriving shortly after it opened I was lucky enough to have the chance to have a short but highly interesting chat with Sheila about her photography and *that time* between 1976 and 1979 as well as have a good look at the twenty or so photographic prints before the space became properly busy a short time later. And it really did get busy.  If you have any interest in punk rock, social documentary photography or simply the likes of The Clash, PiL, Blondie, Siouxsie and the Banshees et al, then see this exhibition, we are lucky to have it in our city.


punk photography exhibition


Needless to say, many of those in attendance were also at the Crypt last week and we were all still talking about it, reminiscing as much about that gig, Sleaford Mods the previous night, and Savages last year as much as the punk “heyday” years.


Having made it into the city once again I thought I may as well catch some music to try and re-feel that Starcrawler buzz.  My first port of call was The Owl Sanctuary where some heavyweight punk and thrash was happening. I enjoyed it a lot.  HyperFox impressed me, a new name but one I’ll keep an eye out for in the future, they were interesting and powerful.


As for Bad Apples, well any band that has the balls and confidence to start their set with a cover of Kick Out the Jams and yet still ratch it up another level has my respect and admiration. Drawn in by this cover I moved further forward and was astonished to discover that this huge noise was being created by a duo.  I’ll definitely be looking out for Bad Apples again.


A short while later I headed across the road, literally, to The Murderers to catch some Fine City Blues.  This may not be some strip like those in Nashville or New Orleans but boy is Norwich music diverse!  From some very loud, energetic grungey punk and thrash I only took a few steps across the way and was hearing some world class blues from Doug MacLeod who seemed to be channeling John Lee Hooker among others whilst always holding his very own style. He’s the real deal and it’s incredible that you can walk into a free gig like this in Norwich on a Thursday night. Top class!  Thanks to Fine City Blues for hosting this (and to UNISON who sponsored this night for Living Wage Week).  In my search for Starcrawler buzz I was seeking noise and volume but felt the emotion in some silencing blues which satiated my soul at last.


doug macleod


Rad Times & Sacred Sounds presents… Project Mork, Bono!, The Bad Apples & Hyperfox.
The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich.
Thursday 9th November 2017.
FREE ENTRY (Taking donations for MIND).

Project Mork (everyone’s favourite shabba-thrash hardcore good-times punk band)

The Bad Apples (the loudest rowdiest grungey garage rock two piece you’re likely to ever find!)

CUCK (fresh-on-the-scene balls-to-the-wall hardcore thrash punk / powerviolence)

HyperFox (brand spanking new alternative punk, featuring a synth machine!!)


7A Timber Hill

Many thanks to Norwich Lanes, Norfolk Gallery, Sheila Rock, Fine City Blues.

all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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