Twin Guns + Ravenous Hounds + The Lantern Men @ The Underbelly 13 October 2017

What better way to acknowledge Friday 13th than with some mean and dirty “garage noir” in the Rumsey Wells’ Underbelly?  I’m still stunned – in a delighted way – that we had a gig like this for free in the city, what a gem it was and thanks to all who played and made it happen. It was fairly rammed down in that basement too but so was NAC who had another sellout night for NS&V just down the road, and another notable gig at The Owl for OddBox.


twin guns

Twin Guns




Despite being a band from the Broads (Wroxham) I’d never seen The Lantern Men name before but they provided a perfect opening set of some mean and dirty rock and rockabilly with a few great covers thrown into their set giving their treatment to the likes of Love Potion No.9 and a song I hadn’t heard in years which instantly took me right back to 1984 and the trash sound … “I’m Out of Control” from Billy Childish and Thee Milkshakes. A mix of some well chosen covers and originals played with infectious enthusiasm. Much fun.

the lantern men



From the ashes of Savage Island have risen some mean Ravenous Hounds and this debut gig from them made a big impression on me.  Some more filthy garage punk with a bit of Sonics thrown in they played every one of their songs so far and went down a storm. Everyone wanted more but they had nothing left to play, they even performed their brand new one written in Spanish!  I can’t wait to see them again. Loved it.


ravenous hounds


Looking very cool indeed it was not difficult to notice the members of New York City’s Twin Guns checking out all the other bands … I already loved them for this, as well as their online videos since learning of this gig.  A trio featuring Andrea Sicco on vocals/guitar, “Jungle Jim” Chandler (formerly of The Cramps) on drums, and Kristin Fayne-Mulroy on bass.  They have massive presence and the sound and songs to back it up.  Something of The Velvet Underground cool about their look, all in black, shades and leather jackets with something very NYC about them, I simply could not believe my luck to be experiencing their set in a tiny which you feel all the way to the gut, in a dark pub basement. I must have been smiling throughout. Perfect setting, and on Friday 13th too!


They describe themselves as garage noir which feels spot-on, check out their video to Johnny’s Dead (which they didn’t play here as they thought it might be too dark, instead closing with a nod to Lux Interior and “New Kind of Kick”), a bit of goth, a lot of noir and loads of reverb.  Fantastic stuff.  Jungle Jim, with his distinctive jungle style, Andrea on lead vocals and some great guitar, with absolutely fantastic bass from Kristin.  Fans of Guadalupe Plata and Jug Jaw’s Beat Club would have loved this, I enjoyed it immensely and went a bit overboard buying their records afterwards but when would I get this chance again?  It was refreshingly well-priced too and they were absolutely lovely people.

twin guns




Just look at this roll call of cited influences … and they are all in this glorious melting pot.

“Link Wray, The Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave, Lee Hazlewood, Davie Allan & the Arrows, Q65, Sons of Hercules, The Music Machine, Dead Moon, Neil Young, Suicide, Echo & the Bunnymen, Howlin’ Wolf, etc.”

All these influences are detectable too, in a glorious melting pot of rock ‘n’ roll, especially Link Wray, The Stooges, Suicide, The Cramps, The Fuzztones et al.


twin guns




twin gunstwin guns



Massive thanks to Robert Watson for putting this gig on, another of his belters!


twin guns

twin guns

rumsey underbelly


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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