Hot Raisin @ Coltishall Red Lion 3 September 2017



This was my first visit to the Red Lion in Coltishall though of course far from my first time seeing Hot Raisin, who on this occasion featured a debut appearance from Mary’s new guitar.  It’s always a real pleasure to see them and on this late summer afternoon it was an unexpected bonus that it was mild enough to perform outside.  There was a lovely atmosphere with families, children, dogs and even a double decker bus around the large garden area. A fine old fashioned pub with good beers and an onsite pizza oven … with the day’s special of Hot Raisin toppings!



hot raisin at coltishall


Performing two full sets it was a chance to hear some favourite covers (These Boots, Miss Ohio, Creepin’ In et al.) as well orginal favourites old and new as well as one song combining both of these. At the beginning of the second set Tory played one of her older re-worked songs solo, which was a special moment. One by one she was joined by Mary for the next song, then Luke, followed by Tom and Daryl.  Always a delight to watch Hot Raisin, not only are they great musicians playing strong songs but they are so obviously having a blast doing so and this really transmits and engages the audiences with smiles galore … and their traditional between song drinks and toasts.


hot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishallhot raisin at coltishall 16





I think all of the songs from their superb EP Whiskey Ginger were played – which is still available online at Bandcamp and hard copies will also be available at the exciting gig coming up on Thursday in a quite brilliant line up also featuring Ginny Dix and the amazing Morganway. Alas, for those without tickets this Norwich Arts Centre gig is already sold out but all who can make it are sure to have a great time. It’s nice to think fans of each act may also be introduced to the music of the others and I am confident everyone will like each of them.  The following Thursday they share a bill at the beautiful Burston Crown with Turf Club Racebook.




Big thanks to Hot Raisin.


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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