Hot Raisin – Whiskey Ginger, new EP

One of my favourite bands and some of my favourite people have just released their debut EP.  Hot Raisin’s much antincipated recordings are now available, for download and also on CD.  Four tracks performed by the full Raisin band of Tory, Mary, Luke, Tom, and Daryl, sympathetically mixed by the excellent Conor Etteridge.


hot raisin


The EP features four tracks, the familiar Captain, and Later, as well as the more (relatively) recent Track and Field and the superb title track Whiskey Ginger (pleasingly spelled with an ‘e’), sounding every bit as big and powerful as I hoped it would. Check out the new video for Later too.



hot raisin


Get hold of a download at Hot Raisin’s Bandcamp, or buy a real physical copy at one of their gigs … they were proving very popular at the band’s Sunday appearance on one of the Norwich Lanes Fayre stage.

hot raisin



hot raisin

Hot Raisin


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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