The Georgia Shackleton Trio + Alden, Patterson & Dashwood + Hen’s Teeth @ NAC 15 June 2017



Some out and out traditional folk was hosted at Norwich Arts Centre, put on and introduced by Georgia Shackleton herself, already established as a folk legend in Norwich.  Fittingly, it tied in with the unveiling of a blue plaque for NAC itself to recognise its invaluable services to local music.


georgia shackleton


Pint in hand, she introduced the opening act, Norwich supergroup trio Alden, Patterson and Dashwood.  I’ve already seen this amazing outfit a number of times, as for Noel, I would not be surprised if he is the musician I have seen most of all over the years, performing as he does with The Vagaband, Lisa Redford, Dumbfoundus, Feral Mouth, Jess Morgan Trio … et al.  He is also great at the introductions to the songs, even down to the details of his flip-flops but anything is forgiven when Ferryman’s Court is one of those songs, this charming song is always one of the many highlights of an AP&D set.


alden, patterson and dashwood


alden, patterson and dashwood


alden, patterson and dashwood


A very short turnaround for Hen’s Teeth who entertained the nearly full auditorium in some balmy June heat before making way to The Georgia Shackleton Trio for an incredibly well and lovingly received set, which in turn evolved into a full on all-bands-on-stage-finale that brought the house down.  During the GST set though, they included a magnificent and well-deserved tribute to the best pub in the east, David Burd’s Stanford Arms in Lowestoft, a pub I have happily and enthusiastically championed since my first visit and meetings with David himself and his wonderful regulars, some of whom have become really good friends through musical meetings both in Norwich and Lowestoft. David himself is such a positive presence and promoter of local music and musicians, realising and rewarding their importance, worth and value, just as NAC does.


hen's teeth

Hen’s Teeth


georgia shackleton triogeorgia shackleton trio


georgia shackleton trio


Earlier in the day, Norwich Arts Centre unveiled the incredibly well-deserved blue plaque in recognition of its sterling services to music in the region.


norwich arts centre


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Norwich: Music City, UK

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