Melt Banana @ NAC 6 June 2017

Perhaps due to the weather, some post-Rooster tiredness hit me on this dreary June evening and waiting for the rain to subside it was about quarter past eight when I arrived at Norwich Arts Centre and Algae Bloom were well into their set when I got in but I was still surprised that I only caught one song.   Next on were Mega Emotion but I wasn’t quite feeling it and was concerned I was in the wrong headspace for a gig … Melt-Banana soon reassured me however.

melt banana


melt banana



A few technical difficulties before they started were quickly sorted out and they launched into one of the most powerful, intense sets I think I have experienced, and certainly one of the most gloriously loud I have heard at the Arts Centre, I love the loud ones here!  I’ve never seen an act like this duo, the power is phenomenal!  I spent the first part of the set down the front but I wanted to experience some of it without earplugs so moved towards the back and just stood there smiling by this explosion of sound. Nothing more can be said. One of the gigs of the year. Glorious!





melt banana

Both feet on the pedal…


melt bananamelt banana




all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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