Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind + Beast with a Gun @ Waterfront Studio 21 May 2017

To continue my weekend of dirty, bluesy rock and roll after the previous night’s James Leg / Bonnevilles gig at NAC, Sunday found me once again in my Outline capacity at a muggy and sweaty Waterfront Studio for Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind, supported by local favourites Beast with a Gun.  You can read my review on Outline Magazine’s website, here.

jim jones and the righteous mind


jim jones and the righteous mind


I suppose we are really going to feel the loss of Old School Studios as Beast with a Gun sounded their absolute best at Jason’s studio/venue and their recent spot their for the final gig was a blinder.  They always put on a great show and I was glad to see their name on the bill for this one.  A broken guitar string early on and a few technical difficulties didn’t knock them off their stride and I am fairly confident they won some new admirers.

beast with a gun











The Jim Jones Revue were a phenomenal live band and I was never in any doubt that Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind would carry on in that vein.  That proved true enough, they played a blistering set with thumping drums, low slung Rickenbacker bass, pedal steel guitar, a Gretsch or two, huge riffs, that distinctive piano led sound and of course Jim Jones’ unique voice.  They capped off a fine weekend of dirty rock and roll in magnificent fashion, I’d urge anyone to see them play live.  Read the fuller review on Outline and check out their new album Super Natural … next time they visit, go see them, they’ll blow your socks off!










They too had an interesting merch table including their new album on vinyl, some distinctive t-shirt designs as well as some striking artwork by bassist Gavin Jay.






Big thanks to Outline Magazine.


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017













Norwich: Music City, UK












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