(Nor)Folk Traditional Song Session @ Jurnet’s Bar, 17 May 2017


The first (Nor)Folk Song Session, hosted by Joe and Niamh from Of the Clay at Jurnet’s Bar was a successful and lovely occasion, the audience included a few musicians I already knew, such as Tom Conway, and even more that I did not, with most of them performing a few songs and sets by candlelight in this beautiful space. Without mics or amplification this was a relaxed an informal night with most people performing where they happened to be sat or stood at the time, making excellent use of this unique venue’s acoustics. We had songs and poetry from Ireland, Romania, Macedonia, England, and Norfolk (the distinction is deliberate) and even some refreshments in the form of homemade brownies and some boiled eggs. What a great idea!

A lovely evening with some fascinating performances, beautiful and ancient folk songs, and some interesting interpretations of more recent ones. This night is a great idea and is held in the perfect venue. The next one takes place on the summer solstice, 21 June 2017.




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Norwich: Music City, UK

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