Music House Acoustic-ish Session @ Jurnet’s Bar with Ben C Winn and the Panache + Hot Raisin + The Woodland Creatures + LK + Chad Mason + Zoe Harp, 28 April 2017

Friday being Shane O’Linski’s actual birthday saw a superb line-up at the weekly Music House Acoustic-ish Session in Jurnet’s Bar paying tribute to the great man.  The place was suitably rammed and there was a lot of love in the room.  This week it was curated by Andrew Taylor who introduced the first act of the evening, Zoe Harp, who played a breathtaking and magical set. Her opener, Green Grow the Laurels was simply stunning. Absolutely the perfect place to hear this.


zoe harp


As well as fascinating everyone with his robotic guitar tuner, Chad played a typically entertaining set with humour between, and occasionally within the songs themselves and getting the whole place to sing along in a set of unrecorded material. He closed at the piano for a moving “Shane On You Crazy Diamond”. This was lovely.


chad mason


LK performances are always a special treat and it’s fascinating to observe her rapid development as her sound evolves and progresses. There was an ethereal haunting and magical quality to her short set and I absolutely loved the touch of using a small bottle of Rescue Remedy as a slide for her guitar. Nice one, Lucy! 🙂




By the time The Woodland Creatures came on it was barely possible to move and it was one of those rare but lovely occasions when even the floor was full of people sitting down for the music. Lizzy and Christina as always played beautifully.


woodland creatures


Tory and Mary were joined by Luke for a trio of Hot Raisins, adding some extra guitar and lovely harmonies, playing Captain, Later, Track and Field before closing with a superb Whiskey Ginger. Andrew had a great sound for them and they seemed to be having lots of fun. Wonderful songs, lovely people.

chad mason introducing hot raisin


hot raisin



As did the excellent Ben C Winn playing with full band The Panache. The mood in the room was wonderful and of course the closer Bag in a Tree was sung with gusto by everyone in the room. Such a fantastic night of music for a wonderful man. Happy Birthday, Shane O’Linski!

ben c winn and the panache





shane o'linski


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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