Current Undercurrent @ Jurnets Bar with The Vicars of Stiffkey + Phoebe Troup + Violet Kicks + Chai 26 April 2017

The first of Shane O’Linski’s birthday week gigs was this Current Undercurrent night at Jurnet’s Bar featuring a typically eclectic and strong line up.  Chai opened the evening, stepping in for Eloise Shaw who was bogged down in Uni work, followed by the wonderful Violet Kicks. Jessie lost her voice a week or so and this was the first gig back in the saddle. As recent gigs panned out it would have been my third time seeing them in a week had her voice not deserted her.

violet kicksviolet kicks



Phoebe Troup, also in that intense spell at uni, has become one of my absolute favourites. I love her songwriting, the stories she sings to us, as well as her playing and voice. Nobody else sounds like Phoebe. 

phoebe troup



To close the night was the also uniquely brilliant Vicars of Stiffkey, who almost appeared to all be playing in different rooms!  At one stage I even bumped into Shane at the bar … mid-set! 🙂

vicars of stiffkey



Afterwards Shane, myself and a few friends headed to the Walnut to toast Ruth’s birthday, Ruth of my first favourite local band … The Vital Disorders, who I love to this day and they still sound wonderful.


ruth birthdayruth birthday


all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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