Gentleman’s Dub Club @ OPEN 8 April 2017 + Coyote Wrecks @ The Wildman 9 April 2017



Gentleman’s Dub Club are regular visitors to Norwich, thanks in large part to TrodThisLand/DubToJungle, and have built a large and devoted following. Their gigs are becoming the things of legend and this time they yet again sold out the OPEN venue, the banking hall no less.






Featuring impressive support from Hotsteppas, Rebel Lion & Chief Rockas the room was full of good vibes all through the night.  David was wandering the dance floor among the audience playing sax while Finbarr was spinning the vinyl onstage and at 10:30pm Gentleman’s Dub Club came on to a warm ovation. This band are getting a huge and heavy sound and can work a crowd impressively, their energy is astonishing.  They clearly have a great connection here and always remark upon it. 


gentleman's dub club


TROD THIS LAND is proud to present…


Support from Hotsteppas, Rebel Lion & Chief Rockas!

Gentleman’s Dub Club are coming to Norwich to mash up Open!

With their lively combination of Dub, Reggae, Ska & Two Tone this is set to be a scorcher. GDC have mashed up festivals such as Boomtown Fair, Symmetry and Outlook Festival in Croatia with rammed dancefloors throughout their performance, and the highest energy levels from crowd and band alike. Expect to hear classics as well as new tracks off of their up and coming album ‘Dubtopia’!

High Grade –

Fire –

One Night Only ft. Natty –

Who’s ready for a knees up??

Formed by members of soundsystem crews Brockley Hifi, Fat Stash and Reggae Roast, hailing from Bristol and London, Hotsteppas will bring a lively set of tune, with its roots in Reggae, and their influences spanning across Funk & Soul too! This 10 piece Reggae band will lively up the place in preparation for GDC’s set!

Heavyweight Reggae & Dub selections from Rebel Lion, and a special Ska, Reggae & Two-Tone selection from Chief Rockas to get the dance started!


Touring their new album Dubtopia, which is also available on vinyl, it can be purchased from:




This was one of those precious early spring weekends of glorious sunshine and good company giving a real taste of summer to come (hopefully!) and over the weekend I accompanied a visiting friend seeing some of the city and also some more music on Sunday at the Wildman for the incredible Coyote Wrecks, loud, rocking and very good. Afterwards migrating to the Ribs of Beef where Doozoot were playing, who sounded incredibly tight and professional that I initially thought I was hearing a jukebox but I was mainly outside enjoying the evening warmth and sunshine by the river.

coyote wreckscoyote wrecks



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Norwich: Music City, UK

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