Dr.Clyde, Mari Joyce, Hot Raisin @ The Owl Sanctuary for Ideal Surreal + Flamingo @ The Pig & Whistle 7 April 2017

Starting the evening with a Grosvenor f’sh and chip supper and a chance to congratulate Duane on his national award victory it was then onto The Owl Sanctuary for Ideal Surreal. A really varied and exciting line-up at the Owl which opened with a full band version of Hot Raisin, sounding punchy and loud with lots of positive energy. I think a number of the audience were seeing them for the first time, that being part of the beauty of the mixed-genre line up, and they went down well with the crowd.

hot raisin

hot raisin

Second on was Mari Joyce, also with full band, and a full audience too. I think ideally her set would have been best heard had she been on first as the room was starting to get a bit too noisy for her delicate and subtle sound but they didn’t mind in the slightest and played as beautifully as always, with the first few rows sat on the floor including lots of kids in attendance. Mari was all smiles and animal noises, it was lovely!

mari joycemari joyce

Dr. Clyde always pull a good-sized, devoted following and their sets always sound slightly different each time but here in the Owl they sounded a mighty and glorious beast. Great sound and energy with a super vibe in the room.

dr clyde

Next week at The Owl, on the 20th, is an “Andy Sacre Experience” tribute night to the great man with live appearances from Kamensko, Organisms, et al., plus a hugely exciting one-off reunion set from the awesome Wreck-Age.


Afterwards I headed to The Pig & Whistle, incredibly for my first time ever. Now run by a Norwich legend, Abraham, with regular music nights in his “Flamingo Club”, this particular Friday was featuring Afrobeat and Afro-dub and funk, with some glorious grooves. I really liked this place and it is a welcome addition to the Norwich gig circuit. In my head this area near John Lewis has previously been a sort of musical no-man’s land but Abraham is changing that and in actual fact it’s only a couple of minutes walk from The Owl or The Murderers. I’ve known Abraham a very long time now and know and trust his musical tastes. Do check it out, it’s a good place with some fine music choices run by good people.




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Norwich: Music City, UK


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