Music House Acoustic-ish Session @ Jurnets Bar 31 March 2017

The Music House Acoustic-ish Sessions at Jurnet’s Bar is one of Norwich’s gems of the gig circuit. This week it was curated by Andrew Taylor who put together a very strong and highly eclectic line up which drew a deservedly large audience, the place was rammed.


The magical Andrea King opened the evening with a sublime and flawless set. Hearing her sing in this environment with super sound and a silent, attentive audience made for a truly beautiful experience.  The best I have yet seen this talented lady. Andrea was in fine form and this felt, and indeed was, special and I think everyone present felt it (Andrew certainly did, as he mentioned).  I really didn’t want it to end.

andrea king

Andrea King


After her set I made my way to the bar, chatted with a few friends and by the time I returned the stage area appeared to have been transformed into a 1950s telephone exchange. This was the set up for a gig by Iain Lowery, joined by Al Southgate.  As you’d expect it was highly creative, inventive and very entertaining. Effects in the background featuring ocean waves and birdsong with soft vocals over it. Fascinating stuff.

iain lowery

Iain Lowery and Al Southgate


Next onstage was Mari Joyce, playing tonight with the two Alex’s on cello and violin. It’s always a special occasion for me when Mari plays, these soft, lilting and soulful songs seem to have a meditative and healing effect on me, and it seemed for many others who were hearing her for the first time this evening too.  A Mari gig is always welcome and she plays again in another exciting and mixed line up next week with Dr. Clyde and Hot Raisin for Ideal Surreal at The Owl Sanctuary.

mari joyce

Mari Joyce


To close the night was my first chance to see Jacob Solstice and the Cosmic Order. With only two or three previous gigs under their belt they are already creating a buzz amongst the Norwich gig-goers and the excitement and enthusiasm from the band themselves is also noticable.  It’s easy to see why. They were quite remarkable with some of the jazz influences you might expect but a whole lot more too. They were a lot of fun!


jacob solstice and the cosmic order

Jacob Solstice and the Cosmic Order

jacob solstice and the cosmic order


jacob solstice and the cosmic order



all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2017


Norwich: Music City, UK

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