Hot Raisin @ The Stanford Arms 26 March 2017



My fifth time seeing the wonderful Hot Raisin this month, following last weekend’s away day gig at The Burston Crown, this Sunday I was fortunate enough to see them again at Lowestoft’s excellent Stanford Arms – a runner-up in a recent UK-wide Pub of the Year competition and one of my own very favourite pubs.

hot raisin


On a beautiful spring afternoon a pared-down Hot Raisin featuring the trio of Tory, Mary and Luke played a couple of sets in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere with the Stanford’s David taking care of sound duties and singing along every word of every song.  The Raisins played just about all of their originals, Whiskey Ginger, Later, Wolf in Me Skin, Little Tiger, Vanilla, Captain, Like a Bear, Track and Field et al. as well as the familiar covers of Creepin’ In, Going Up the Country, Big Yellow Taxi, These Boots are Made for Walkin’, Baby One More Time, and a new addition played live for the first time, Springsteen’s Hungry Heart.

hot raisin


This was so much, as always with Hot Raisin, and in probably my favourite pub.  Big thanks to Tory for taking me there and to The Stanford.

hot raisin



hot raisin

hot raisin

stanford arms


Once back in Norwich we headed to Platform Twelve for Peter T’s Sunday Sessions, again this place has a relaxed and inclusive vibe and Peter’s music evenings are always interesting and entertaining. Fresh from his own appearance at The Wildman’s Buskers Showcase that afternoon Peter opened the music with some astonishing flamenco and classical guitar playing before giving way to the other performers who included Robyn, Naomi Sutherland, and French Dog amongst others.  The perfect Sunday evening wind-down.

peter t



platform 12


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Norwich: Music City, UK

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