Hot Raisin @ Burston Crown 19 March 2017

A surprise opportunity arose for me to see the wonderful Hot Raisin again, in full band Raisin Bear mode, in a first visit for me to the lovely Burston Crown, Tory and Mary being joined by Luke, Tom, and Daryl.  The pub itself is really homely and welcoming, has a good PA and soundman, and is a fine set up!



It’s always a treat to see and hear Hot Raisin, especially when they are playing a full set, or two sets as was the case here which meant not only the familiar originals but their wondefully chosen covers (These Boots, Creepin’ In, Can’t Take My Eyes off You, Hit Me Baby One More Time), my favourite of these covers undoubtedly being Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots are Made for Walkin’ – the original being one of my earliest musical memories. The way they play it is punchy and allows the boys to let rip too. It’s fun too to join in what has quickly become established as their between song drinking ritual!

hot raisin


I think they played all of their originals too, including Later, Wolf in Me Skin, Sloth, Little Tiger, Like a Bear, Vanilla, Later, Feel, Captain, and my personal favourite to close the night, Whiskey Ginger. Not only are the songs wonderful but they are also some of the nicest people I have met, there is such a positive energy around everything to do with Hot Raisin, they never fail to lift my spirits and just put me in a “good place”, and are absolutely terrific people too. I absolutely love them!

hot raisin



A really fun night in a great venue and with a great crowd, always a pleasure to spend time with the Raisin crowd and the Raisins themselves. Lovely people. Big thanks to Mary and Tory for the lift too 🙂


hot raisinhot raisin


The Burston Crown have recently started having music sessions every Sunday and Thursday and obviously take these music nights seriously with well-chosen acts, a good sound and a lovely atmosphere. I’ll be back.



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Norwich: Music City, UK

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