Jack Rundell + Hot Raisin + Vaudevue @ Old School Studios 17 March 2017

As welcome and healthy as it is, the frequent dilemmas caused by gig clashes in Norwich has unfortunately for me come at the cost of not getting to Old School Studios anywhere near as soon as I would have liked but I’m so glad I have finally put that right.  This was not an evening without gig clashes either, notably Mammal Hands at NAC but it was definitely time for a visit to Old School Studios.




Thanks to the generosity of the Raisin girls giving me a lift in it was nice to arrive early, see the studios and hear the soundchecks.  I instantly loved the place, it has a vibe and a warmth, great lighting, mirrorballs, stuffed toys, lava lamps …  and … that sound!!  Purpose built as the last nuclear bunker to be constructed in Europe it works perfectly as a recording studio equipped with analogue gear.  Alas, Old School Studios is closing next month and much of this equipment is being sold off after a flurry of farewell gigs, the latest of these being this one with Jack Rundell, Hot Raisin, and Vaudevue.




hot raisinhot raisinhot raisin


Just hearing Hot Raisin soundcheck I was excited for their set, Mr. Jason (who gave the band their name) had them sounding punchy and clear, and then he soundchecked Vaudevue.  I’d never seen nor heard them before but was already sold on them by their soundcheck song!  I knew they were young but didn’t realise this girl-boy duo are an astonishing 16 years old.  Refreshing in sound and attitude their set was great. They have an EP launch at OPEN in June which I shall hope to make it if it doesn’t clash with Red Rooster.



hot raisin


Exciting times for fans of Hot Raisin with news that the whole band have just spent some time recording some tracks for their own EP.  It showed in how tight they sounded, whilst Jason gave them just the right sound on stage too, getting that balance of power and punch without overwhelming the subtleties of the songs. This set was also a lot of fun, all the band clearly relaxed and jovial  … I don’t know how it came about but Jamaican lobsters seemed to be a recurring theme!  It was all very enjoyable and they closed with an immense Whiskey Ginger, my favourite.




Jack Rundell was another new name on me and he too played a great set with plenty of humour between songs. Joined after the first number by another couple of left-handed musicians, Jason himself and Ben on bass.


jack rundell


jack rundell


It’s such a shame this superb space is closing and I really wish I’d been here more often but its legendary status is assured.  There is still time to support it though with more gigs between now and its closing and some excellent t-shirts for sale too. Admission to gigs is through advance online purchases only as space is limited.



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Norwich: Music City, UK


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