KlangHaus: Four Storeys @ St.George’s Works 23 December 2016

So good I had to see it twice.  In just shy of 250 gigs/music events for my 2016, KlangHaus is right up there amongst the very best experiences of the year.  Having spent the subsequent days re-living and processing the extraordinary first performance at St. George’s Works a few days earlier, when the unexpected opportunity arose to catch one of the final shows there was no way I was going to pass that up.  It had changed and evolved a surprising amount since the first show but was every bit as sensory, immersive and ghostly, perhaps even more so. Certainly the building had more to say for itself with bangs, crashes, groans and shrieks coming from the structure as we waited outside.




My review of ‘KlangHaus: Four Storeys’ appears on the Outline website.

Many thanks to The Neutrinos, Sal Pittman, Norwich Arts Centre, the whole KlangHaus team, and Outline magazine.

all rights reserved (c) shashamane 2016









autumn walk



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